The DLP solution shows which types of files are transferred via communication channels.

From now on, SearchInform DLP supports the display of the SearchInform FileAuditor labels in the main console. The DLP system does not have to analyze file content to detect whether it contains personal data, financial information, or corporate passwords; DCAP does this in advance. The information regarding the contents of files is available on the main screen; there is no need to open FileAuditor to see the details anymore.

SearchInform DLP and FileAuditor work together and reinforce each other. The DLP shows if files with the FileAuditor tag were transferred via messengers, email service and was added to the quarantine, if they were printed, recorded on a flash drive, or uploaded to the cloud. The tags help an information security officer see how dangerous it is to send a particular document. Also, in the main console, it is possible to observe who opened, modified, copied, etc. any tagged file. This saves time during corporate investigations and allows you to quickly navigate and prevent incidents.

“The update lets users combine the benefits of using DCAP and DLP within a company since it provides transparency in the transfer of tagged files outside the corporate perimeter and ensures additional protection for them,” - commented Sergio Bertoni, the Leading Analyst at SearchInform.

Previously, SearchInform announced the release of a FileAuditor version for Linux infrastructures. The current update will also be available in DLP for Linux in case file storage and employee PC control with DCAP system is implemented in the company.

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