SME World 2014: Transparency Gets the Loan

Though 90 per cent of Dubai registered companies are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), just 4% of all business loans goes to SMEs. In developed economies lending to SMEs goes well into the double digits. 

Vikas Thapar, CEO, SME Business, Emirates NBD, offered this observation during a panel discussion at SME World 2014 in Dubai. Mr. Thapar went on to explain that banks are reluctant to provide loans to SMEs because of regulatory compliance restrictions and the lack of transparency in SME business.
Questionable financial health and lack of transparency are two of the principal reasons small businesses get turned down for loans. Lenders need objective insights into a small businesses financial condition. Lenders also require a level of confidence in an SME's business plan to determine creditworthiness. Meeting these two conditions by lenders are critical steps to securing financing from lenders. 
SMEs improve their chances of getting the funds they need to finance growth by demonstrating creditworthiness. SME's accomplish this by providing lenders with an objective credit rating and financial health assessment report. Self generated Z Score reports are excellent measures of an SMEs creditworthiness. A Z Score credit rating combined with a well thought out business plan offers lenders the degree of transparency they require to close a loan with an SME.

Credit|Redi is a tool that demonstrates an SME's creditworthiness to lenders and capital providers. Credit|Redi generates a Z Score credit rating and in-depth financial analysis reports that spot strengths and weaknesses in a company's financial condition. Credit|Redi also provides a series of enterprise assessment applications to review problem areas and determine opportunities for business growth to build a bullet proof business plan that wins the confidence of lenders. 

If your business is looking for a loan or trying to raise capital:

Get Credit|Redi on Google Play here. Get Credit|Redi

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