StratexSystems are pleased to announce the success of one of their key consultancy partners who have seen a 20-30% jump in project productivity through the use of StratexPoint as a project delivery tool. By delivering more for less, over a shorter time frame, the consultancy partner’s clients have seen considerable benefit, as have StratexSystem's consultancy partner, with extended project benefits.

The software solution, StratexPoint, is an integrated strategy execution and risk management solution built on Microsoft SharePoint. By using this unique product organisations are able to clarify their strategic objectives, align their risk appetite and manage their key risks to enable the sustainable execution of their strategy. The traditional approach of most consultancy firms is the design the strategy and/or risk frameworks using an array of spreadsheets and powerpoints. This often involves a significant amount of re-working, re-presenting data and information which adds little value to the project but is very time consuming. Seeking to eliminate this non-value add effort during projects, our consultancy partner selected StratexPoint as its enabling technology platform as it is built in SharePoint meaning it is familiar, easy to use and very fast to ‘slice’ information for different audiences.

In addition to eliminating time consuming spreadsheet and powerpoint manipulation, StratexSystem's consultancy partner has not only deliver productivity increases of 20–30% but also found StratexPoint enables it to rapidly create momentum, builds buy-in and support early in the project and allows clients to clearly see what the future of strategy execution and risk management may look like.

Andrew Smart, CEO and founder of StratexSystems, said "When StratexPoint is embedded into a consultancy's delivery process, it creates a compelling consultancy proposition which adds real value to clients. With our shared view that strategy and risk management must be integrated to ensure the strategy is sustainable, working with this consultancy partner, we are able to deliver significant additional value during the project phase and should clients chose, on an ongoing basis."

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