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Equipment manufacturers today look for ways to improve the operational efficiency and work towards enhancing the customer efficiency. To achieve this, they need solutions that can help them achieve the transformation and digitize traditional methods to simplify processes. Spare parts catalog software is a powerful tool that helps OEMs and dealers alike. With such a tool, the spare parts catalog management is made easy and it also boasts a plethora of features that ultimately make it one of the most preferred solutions for equipment manufacturers. With 3D parts catalog software, equipment manufacturers can easily manage their spare part catalogs, which were previously done manually.


There are many such software available today but how does one choose the right fit for their business? It is ultimately how well the product aligns with your business needs but it is also about what features the 3D parts catalog software has which makes it the perfect solution for your business. In this blog, we will focus on the top features that businesses should look for in 3D parts catalog software.


3D Visualization


As the name suggests, the electronic parts catalog software must have an inherent and comprehensive 3D visualization feature. With this feature, it becomes easy for dealers to correctly identify parts and perform complex repairs with ease. The 3D parts catalog software can also be used to train the workforce to work on complex problems which needed expert help earlier. With 3D, the identification of parts becomes easy and also offers greater visibility into the assembly.


User-Friendly Interface


As there are different kinds of users who would use the electronic parts catalog software, it is essential that it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to understand and also has intuitive features which do not need special skills to operate. Such a feature would reduce the learning curve of the electronic parts catalog software and ensure that the workforce understands the implemented solution.


Multiple Search Options


There are may dealers who would be using this 3D parts catalog software. Let us take the example of the automotive industry here, in this case this software will be used by all the dealers. In such a case, every dealer would prefer to search for parts through different search options. Some might like to search by VIN, some by part number, some might want to have a quick part adding feature which adds the frequently ordered parts in the cart. Thus, the electronic parts catalog software should have this feature where it gives the options to the user to utilize multiple options to search for the assembly to get to the part they wish.


ERP, SAP and DMS Integration


Most companies have implemented solutions such as an enterprise resource planning software or a dealer management system. In such cases, if they are using an electronic parts catalog software, it must provide facilities to integrate with these systems. This integration would ensure seamless communication with the central systems and would help with the crucial processes associated with the central systems.


Multi-Language Support


This is a crucial feature that the electronic parts catalog must have. For businesses who have a global presence, like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc, they would have dealers across the globe and would want to use the spare parts catalog software in their native language. This calls for a multi-language support model that should have the option to use the software in their own native language.


Analytics and Reports


Businesses often look for ways to constantly improve their operational efficiency and streamline the processes and business functions. In such cases, the 3D parts catalog software must have features and functionality to provide a deep analysis and reports of how effective the solution is. These insights should shed light on how the user is interacting with the electronic parts catalog software and show analytics such as most viewed or ordered parts, commonly searched queries, etc.

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Choosing the right software for businesses is definitely a tough decision as it involves the whole organization and enterprises want a solution that enhances the collaboration, streamlines operations and improves the overall brand perception for customers. In such cases, an electronic spare parts catalog software should be well thought of and businesses should align their business goals with the presented features.


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