TRUSTO Crowdfunding technology community to identify the risk and fraud using cutting-edge

TRUSTO was created after 30 years’ experience in FinTech and a long and expansive research for over a 14-month period over the into the crypto-currency market space and related blockchain technology. We finalized a comprehensive study of more than 540 ICO’s and is concluded that less than 7%, only, are successful and we have firmly identified 26 conditions that determine success or failure. In order to be successful, and to overcome this any risk of market rejection, we recommend that each ICO   is subjected to our unique screening and evaluations process on our Trusto crowdfunding platform.

TRUSTO works side-by-side with the Venture Capital (VC) community to identify the risk and fraud using cutting-edge technologies that have potential for commercial success. We at TRUSTO believe in technologies of the future, Blockchain, Energy, Wearable IT, Mobile payments, Mobile business apps, On-demand, as-a-service, Workplace hubs, Edge/fog computing, Adaptive cybersecurity, Smart advisors and Chatbots, Team collaboration, Marketing integration, Digital twins, Multichannel digital experience, Micro-services, Digital transformation target platforms, Digital learning, Artificial intelligence. Our areas of interest include cybersecurity, biotechnology, novel materials, remote sensing, deep learning for data analytics, and much more. We use crowd power of vote and decision making to achieve our goals. Most projects are only posted for a certain period of time. Communicate deadlines to your crowd to create a sense of urgency to get them to pledge their support now as opposed to later – we call this part “Trusto Startup Prize”. The prize stage is reached when an idea or solution developed by the crowd or a crowdfunded project/idea is decided on and implemented, as structure of Startup Crowdfunding we are similar with Kickstarter. Organizations can increase predictability, lower risk, and test innovation much more quickly using their digital twins. We are financing professional team and startup with real fundamental in economy and market and society. Our clients are University’s, Enterprises, New StartUp, Local Communities, NGO, Private Individuals. This is a very new StartUP concept, for crowdfunding and crowd voting for capital venture financing. For any question please send us email at

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