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By Kristian Marquez, CFA Founder and CEO, FinStrat Management, Inc.

The fund-raising environment for startups has experienced a significant shift. The strategy of “growth at any cost” is under threat as the Federal Reserve has raised rates to a multi-decade high. As a result, startups that built their foundations on cheap cash and unsustainable unit-economics are witnessing a decline in their valuations and access to capital. And while some fear an impending economic downturn, not everyone views

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Transform startup ideas into thriving businesses with our expert guide. Learn crucial steps, from planning to execution, for success. Start your journey now!

To turn your startup ideas into a business, begin by validating your concepts and conducting market research. Develop a comprehensive business plan and execute it diligently. Consider registering your venture with Startup India Registration to access valuable support, resources, and incentives that can fuel your entrepreneurial journey towar

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25 Things All Entrepreneurs Do and Don't Do

I was once asked what that important thing that fruitful entrepreneurs do or don't do it. It inspired me to ponder what it is that separates entrepreneurs from those who'd jump at the chance to be. Here are 25 things ALL entrepreneurs DO and DON'T:


  1. Entrepreneurs find out about their identity showcasing to and make their correspondence likewise.


  1. Entrepreneurs don't stop since they don't realize how to accomplish something. They delegate errands to individuals who are more skilled in playing out t
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TRUSTO was created after 30 years’ experience in FinTech and a long and expansive research for over a 14-month period over the into the crypto-currency market space and related blockchain technology. We finalized a comprehensive study of more than 540 ICO’s and is concluded that less than 7%, only, are successful and we have firmly identified 26 conditions that determine success or failure. In order to be successful, and to overcome this any risk of market rejection, we recommend that each ICO  

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Commonwealth Capital LLC, a venture capital management company, announced today that it has launched the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund-I to provide investment capital exclusively for startups and early-stage companies.


            The company also launched a new microsite at  to assist capital seekers.  Entrepreneurs can sign up now and be matched with a no-cost, personal funding concierge who guides them through a standardized process for fund eligibility.



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