What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that is designed to reach a target audience via websites, emails, SMS and MMS, social and apps on their smartphones, tablets and/or other mobile devices. Mobile interferes with how people deal with brands. All that is possible on a desktop is now available on a mobile device. Much of it is accessible by small mobile displays from opening an email to visiting your Website to reading your contents. Efficient mobile advertising are meant for understanding mobile audience, designing mobile platform content and using SMS / MMS marketing and mobile applications strategically.


Advantages of Mobile Marketing

  • Huge viral potential

Mobile marketing enhances the potential of viral mobile content, usually a video, "going viral" as mobile content can be shared easily by users. Users will most likely share information and offers with their friends and family so companies will have much more exposure without extra efforts.

  • Micro blogging benefits

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have essentially given citizens the power to influence. Everyone can be influenced, from moms, fashion bloggers, people who really like photos of dogs with food. Indeed, whether users understand it or not, they influence their family and friends on the social media.

  • Tracking response

With the help of mobile marketing technology, user response can be instantly tracked. It is an effective way of obtaining user data. Databases which make use of phone numbers, as unique IDs are more useful, since most of the population normally keep the same phone numbers for a longer time, unlike their email addresses. This way, the mobile advertiser can better understand and analyze user behavior and generate buyer personas.

  • Mobile payment

The novel mobile payment technologies have made transactions pretty easy for the users. The users are offered a secure online payment environment, which operates through innovative mobile Web systems. This indicates that the user does not need to empty out physical currency each time there is a need for making a mobile purchase or pay a bill online.

Mobile Marketing Solutions

  • Location Based Marketing

Location-based services are provided through cellular networks in particular. It is used to send advertisements or other messages on a location-based approach. Mobile location-based ads are ads that are displayed in a certain field or business in mobile devices based on the location of a user. In a one-mile radius of their company, for instance, some advertisers may only want their mobile ads to appear. Site-based marketing uses the mobile location of the user to market a company through a GPS in that area.

  • In app Messages & Push Notifications

It is a flash text to inform users that products and services can be advertised. This is easy for users to see rather than text messages. The app developer sends push notifications to an Operating System Push Notification Service (OSPNS). Google's firebase cloud messaging and Apple Push Notification Service are the most popular push notification services. The push services process the message and send it to the device of each user on demand.

  • SMS

In fact, an SMS will be checked in a less time by a user. SMS is therefore a perfect way to contact a client for its needs and advertising. SMS marketing requires the capture and sending of text offers for a user's telephone number. SMS is probably better known to users as text. It allows marketers to send text messages with offers and other information to customers. When mobile marketing is often considered with keeping SMS in mind. It is the most used mobile marketing form. Such marketing can and should allow customers to subscribe or opt out at all times.

Mobile Marketing for Large Enterprises

Mobile marketing opens the path for enormous opportunities for marketers on a very high scale. Mobile allows marketers to reach larger audiences in a very personal way, unlike any other commitment and communication channel. In the modern era, mobile has become a major and nearly the only source of shopping. This is one of the major reason why even social media platforms have included the “SHOP NOW” button in the business pages as they are also aware of the significance of online shopping in the coming years.

It's now up to brands and enterprises to use mobile streams to get in front of shoppers 24x7 using mobile advertising, search engine and mobile friendly pages. Mobile is also the device that users always maintain and build a strong long-term relationship with customers every day and anywhere. They will make it special and appreciated when they inform about the latest sales, new launches and offers, new products etc.

Mobile Marketing for the Verticals

  • BFSI

In the last 12 months, according to the Digital Banking Report, the majority of financial institutions have not reduced their broadcasting and off-line marketing budgets. As in 2017, 34% of financial institutions spent 50 percent or more on traditional media. As in the past year, only 15 per cent of organizations have committed over 50% of their funds to online media in comparison to 14 per cent by 2017, due to the lack of engagement with digital channels.

Banks are already making investments in mobile technologies, smartphone apps are being developed and new features are being added like remote cheque deposits and consumer education. As a result, the adoption of mobile banking among consumers was much faster than online banking a decade ago. Most banks believe the mobile channel will contribute to reducing transaction costs and increasing customer commitment and retention.

  • Healthcare

Click-to-call (CTC) advertising allows patients to dial seamless and single-touch when they have a brand name in online search. In other words, a potential patient will see the ad, tap the number on the screen, and be connected to the staff automatically. Mobile applications are very promising in helping patients access medical data, track medicines, communicate with doctors and manage conditions. A survey by Harris found more than one third of respondents who wanted to make appointments using mobile devices, ask doctors questions and obtain medical test results. There is also a surging demand for applications which can diagnose and monitor conditions like high or low blood pressure.

An Overview

In terms of use and monetization, mobile technologies are growing rapidly. Nowadays, consumers spend more time using mobile applications and mobile ads (which occupies an incredible 42.6 percent) are the top digital ad category for growth. It's all going to be mobile! Modern phones have completely changed the world from mobile websites to mobile payments, but for digital marketers, the future is particularly interesting. The worldwide market for Mobile Marketing is being projected to grow at a CAGR of 23.4% over the forecast period.

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