Entrepreneurs some day or other are fraught with difficulties of investing their activities heavily. In total, the fact of how quickly it solved affects both the further development of the business and its success. We make an all-out effort, maximum means to get the money supply. It is not infrequent that the loans are used for this purpose. Few of us have the opportunity to borrow large sums of money from family or acquaintances.

Therefore, the most popular and correct solution is using a personal or business credit. They are both available at the bank branch and online like monthly loans at PersonalMoneyService. In order not to lose precious time, it is important to make a careful distinction between these approaches to the problem.

Key Differences

When it comes to financing the own occupation, the first thought that crosses one’s mind is to take a business loan and not without reason. The difference that characterizes these types of loan is their purpose. Personal ones are intended for our everyday needs. They are not associated with large-scale projects, and often serve as first aid in solving issues under unforeseen expenses, for instance, with repair or treatment. Business loans are intended specifically for the development of a separate legal entity, for the payment of wages, the expansion of fixed assets, the purchase of equipment.

Limitations and Restrictions

Despite the fact that personal credits often have a specific intent (the reason you specify in the application), they are often used the way you like. Just be attentive to the individual clauses of the contract (especially those written in small print). Sometimes the usage of money under such loan can be strictly controlled. Business credits are marked by more restrictions in the matter of usage purpose. Some lenders even have a certain list of options for what exactly you can take out credit.


What to Prepare For?

The process of obtaining a personal loan is easier. Often there is a simple assessment of your income to find out and check up on capability of reimbursement. Credit history is another crucial component. Although some lenders do not even require this. Such permissiveness is compensated by a large interest rate on the loan. Business is always a big risk and lenders understand this. Therefore, in order to get a business loan, you will have to show the profitability of the occupation, a strong cash flow. Your credit history, the industry in which you work and the fact of how long you have been on the market will also be evaluated.

I like Both Options, Which Type of Loan to Choose?

Almost the main advantages of a business loan are good interest rates and the ability to limit your own liability to the responsibility of an individual legal entity. That is, in the event of insolvency, it is not your personal property will suffer. Recovering the debt will be at the expense of individual assets of the company. Successful business loan shows your reliability for other figures on the market. Thus, you can get much more money than if you used a personal loan.

home-1353389_960_720.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xWhat Structure to Apply for Such Loans?

The first difficulties usually happen here. It all depends on the structure in which you are going to take a loan, on the requirements under the loan contract, reliability and stability of your business. According to statistics, the percentage of approval by banks is not high and is equal to 25.9%. Alternative lenders do it twice as often, about 56.4% of cases (such option as monthly loans at PersonalMoneyService). The requirements of banks are higher, so alternative structures are more universal for obtaining various kinds of loans.

Small Business Also Needs Lending

Often, they refuse to receive business loans to companies that are not huge. Such firms develop rapidly but they do not speak for themselves, and owners often cannot document their reliability. Startups that do not even have a year, firms that have not yet had time to show themselves in the market, also fall into this category. These are the cases in which it will be easier and faster to apply for a kind of personal lending.


So, have control of details of the contract. You should always appraise the profitability of the loan and carefully read the provisions specified in the agreement. Make an objective assessment of your chances of getting a business loan. If you are in doubt that the company fits all the necessary criteria for a business one, feel free to use personal credit. They are good in conditions of limited time and poor indication on the company's reputation. Do not waste your time on attempts and refusals. Personal loans can really save a small business.

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