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When Selling is the Worst Way to Win Customers



David Skok

Customers hate being sold to. They don’t mind getting expert help when they want to buy something. But much of the time they are not ready to buy, and one of the most irritating things is to have a salesperson try to get them to buy when they aren’t ready. Unfortunately too many people in marketing and sales positions don’t seem to understand this, and proceed to irritate their potential customers. They don’t realize that there is a far better way to sell. That is what this blog post is all about.


When I started my first company, I had no business or sales training of any kind. As you’d expect for any founder/CEO, I was put into many selling situations. I developed a gut feel for how to interact with prospects that seemed to work surprisingly well. When I watched other sales people, I noticed that they jumped into a sales pitch far earlier than I would have done, and sold much harder than I felt was appropriate. My gut instinct told me that the recipient of these sales pitches felt both uncomfortable and mistrustful. Furthermore, when I read about how you were supposed to go about closing deals, I was surprised, as I wasn’t using any of those deal closing techniques, yet was able to close deals reasonably easily.

It was only later on in life that I realized what I was doing to succeed, and why it worked so well.

Building a relationship and trust

The mistake I observed was that too many marketers and sales people want to jump right into selling.


The problem with this approach is that it ignored the importance of trust in the sales process. I was doing something different:

• First building a relationship
• Then building trust


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