Peter Deans posted a blog post
In my first newsletter of 2012 I have gone ‘back to basics’ and focussed on identifying and understanding Key Business Drivers. Too often in management presentations, investor briefings and risk assessments - both enterprise and credit risk…
Feb 7, 2012
Peter Deans posted a discussion
Neil Stanley from Bank Performance Strategies, in Omaha, Nebraska sent me a link to an interesting article he posted late last week on the BAI website in the US.His article touches on, inter alia, the need to have more confidence, take some risks…
Feb 6, 2012
Peter Deans posted a blog post
A more light hearted story than yesterday's on airline safetly.  For those that read this story, Oliver previously worked in Risk Management for the Reserve Bank (Australia's central bank).  Oliver is clearly a risk management 'successs…
Jan 31, 2012
Peter Deans posted a discussion
The finanical and general media inevaitbaly focus on failiures - do these sell more newspapers (a separate question perhaps) ?  In addition, as a profession risk managers are always feeling the need to 'justify' their existence, and the effort and…
Jan 30, 2012
Peter Deans posted a discussion
Any interesting article that focusses on the mental aspects of decision making and risk taking, in an entrepenerial / business environment.  It leads to the obvious question of whether or not the risk profession has a bias towards measurement,…
Jan 14, 2012
Peter Deans posted a blog post
Below is the link to my final newsletter for 2011.The feature article this month focuses on Stress Testing.  Stress Testing is now a widespread and well understood concept in the banking industry but less so in the corporate sector.   I explore what…
Dec 22, 2011
Peter Deans replied to Peter Deans's discussion Stress Testing as a Tool in Non Banking Businesses ?
"Hi Steven.
I think that the M&A space - particularly bigger ticket / 'top end of town' transactions generally undertake the mulitple downsides work.  Do they all get it right ?  Hard to say.  In my experience it is invariably the bankers that force…"
Dec 8, 2011
Peter Deans posted a discussion
Next month I am writing an article on Stress Testing in the corporate sector.  In my banking career I was always amazing at how little attention was paid to downside, multiple case financial scenarios analysis.  I see more Corporates spending time…
Nov 27, 2011
Peter Deans posted a blog post
Welcome to the second (and final) update of the 8th Annual Risk Management Institute of Australasia 2011 Conference here in Melbourne. Highlights of Day 2 for me were:The CRO Forum that kicked off Day 2 was a great session.  Caroline James,…
Nov 24, 2011
Peter Deans posted a blog post
As members may be aware, I am here ‘Down Under’ attending the Risk Management Institute of Australasia's 8th Annual 2011 Conference, on behalf of the Global Risk Community.  Global Risk Community is the offical Media Partner for the event. Over 470…
Nov 22, 2011
Peter Deans commented on Peter Deans's blog post What do Tiger Woods and Risk Management Have in Common ?
"Thanks for those who have waded into murky territory - maybe a water hazard - for risk managers trying to rationalise the behaviours of celebrities.  
I will be shortly posting the wrap of Day 1 at the RMIA conference here in Melbourne.  It was a…"
Nov 22, 2011
Peter Deans posted a blog post
I would like to hear some of the more creative answers to this question. Please post your comments.However, the correct answer is that Tiger Woods and the Global Risk Community are both in Melbourne this weekend. Woods was part of the winning…
Nov 20, 2011
Peter Deans posted a discussion
I will be attending the 8th Annual RMIA Conference being held in Melbourne, Australia this week, as the Global Risk Community's official representative.  If there any Global Risk Community members attending and see me, please come up and say…
Nov 20, 2011
Peter Deans posted a blog post
Australia's ABC1 broadcast an interesting show tonight that included an interview with Nick Leeson. "Europe Correspondent Emma Alberici has assembled a stellar cast of famous and infamous financial luminaries to investigate if rogue traders are…
Nov 15, 2011
Peter Deans posted a discussion
I am doing research for a follow up article I am writing on Business Model risk - it is what I have called ‘The Bricks & Mortar Dilemma’. How do banks, postal services and retailers deal with extensive ‘legacy’ retail business outlets in rapidly…
Oct 31, 2011
Peter Deans posted a blog post
In this month’s newsletter I have given some thought to the identification of flawed business models and the concept of Business Model Risk.  I got some great feedback and ideas from GRC members last month on the subject.Key questions to be asked…
Oct 26, 2011

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  • One thing i noticed, perhaps inferred, in the self assessment comments is the external factors of risk. The poltical and military actions, events and predicitve analysis of those items for specific regional and or districts.  Those elements have a tendency to impact the social dynamics that effect populations and businesses on an initial subtle scale that then further impact things such as "risk" insurance
  • Hi Peter, It’s great to have you here! Feel free to invite new people, participate in discussions, activities and share knowledge. If you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!
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