Wilna Meiring posted a discussion
How are you identifying potential emerging risks for your business?We currently are doing a yearly environmental scan of all risk reports that we can find on the internet and via our risk connections and identify what are new things coming through.…
May 20, 2020
Wilna Meiring commented on Boris Agranovich's blog post Cultivating Your Strategic Thinking - Free book Download or pay $18,95 on Amazon
"Thank you very much for the book. Can't wait to start reading."
Aug 14, 2017
Wilna Meiring replied to Boris Agranovich's discussion What are the 5 Top Risks in Your Organisation and what are the Best Tools to Manage them?
"Our top 5 risks is very strategic and therefore no specific tools, except business controls, knowledge and expertise are utelise to mitigate or manage these risks. We use a very simple risk management framework to identify and manage these risks,…"
Nov 12, 2013
Wilna Meiring replied to GlobalRiskCommunity's discussion What is the most catastrophic error made by a Risk Manager at a bank or any other company?
"Not understanding the business, business dynamics and especially the business culture
Aug 7, 2013
Wilna Meiring replied to Boris Agranovich's discussion Introducing the Global Risk Series - Book 1 Risk Management How Tos
"Thanks very much, this is a great inisiative with excellent and usefull ideas. Can't wait for the next one."
May 30, 2013
Wilna Meiring replied to Ozzys Demir's discussion Have you ever used a risk management software? If you used, which one?
"We utelise Cura risk, www.curarisk.com. The tool is very flexable and much more than just a RM tool. It can also be expanded into a compliance, audit and survey tool if you require such functions. It is also very easy to use and can be tailored for…"
May 3, 2011
Wilna Meiring replied to Mark Sands's discussion The Op Risk Challenges of 2011
"Instablity in markets due to polical unrest. The insurance market has already increased 16 countries Political Instability risk. This instability have a major effecto on most of the operational risks of a company.
I think Egypt was also a wake up…"
Feb 9, 2011
Wilna Meiring replied to Boris Agranovich's discussion A large number of new white papers on Risk management
"Thank you very much for all these great resources. It really helps us to ensure we are kept up to date and enchance our current RM practices."
Feb 9, 2011

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