3 Factors to Consider Before AI Adoption

Artificial Intelligence has become an important fragment of human lives. It helps to carry out tasks for our day to day life. Many business organizations have started to adopt AI principles. It has increased the process of machine intelligence, and thus various automation work is carried out in industries. The goal is to make such machines that adapt as per the situation and thus help to carry out tasks in the most efficient manner. Business organizations have started to integrate AI into their services. Various factors are involved during its adoption. These factors are mentioned below:


  1. Challenges that occur during execution

Business organizations face many challenges while executing AI. As per studies, more than 90% of business organizations have predicted to have roadblocks to gain full adaption with AI. Various challenges that can cause problems during integration or execution are as follows:


  • Lack of IT Framework:Any organization that wants to adopt AI needs a sturdy or stable IT framework. A huge amount of data is processed with the usage of AI. Thus, it needs hardware that can meet its requirements.


  • Low Quality of Data: AI requires a high quality of data as input. The reason is that the results are based upon input given to AI. Thus, the low quality of data results in the bad output.


  • Trust Factor in AI: Business organizations lack trust in this newer technology due to its complexity. But industries require AI software to ease their work, and thus trust needs to be developed before adaption of AI.


  • Lack of Capital: As per studies, near-about 31% of the business organizations planned to invest on AI technology during next year, but the same number of organizations stated that they had inadequate capital to invest on AI. AI requires sophisticated software and high-end hardware which can be expensive for small scale organizations.


  • Lack of AI professionals:As per studies, there is a low number of AI skilled professionals across the globe. This gives rise to the problem that organizations lack these professionals. There are numerous vacancies available for AI field but a low number of professionals. In conclusion, it is necessary to have an AI professional to maintain AI technology in an organization.


  1. Advantages of AI Adoption

As per studies, business organization gain few advantages:


  • Production and Distribution: Artificial intelligence helps to develop new products. Almost 50% of the organization state that AI helps to enhance their existing products. More than 25% of organizations state that it helps to develop new products.


  • Decision-making and Operations: It also helps organizations to operate and make decisions. More than 40% of organizations state that AI helps to enhance operations. Around 35% states that AI helps to perform better decisions.


  • Production of work: AI helps organizations to improve their productivity. More than 30% states that AI improves the creativity of free workers. 25% mentioned that it decreases the total workers with the automation of processes.


  1. Required Skills and their supply

To perform AI integration, business organizations look for the following skills in a person:



  • AI Software Developer: These are the individuals that are responsible for developing new applications that are to used to process the information, interpret the information and perform tasks based on decision-making capabilities. They also help to maintain and repair already existing AI software in an organization.


  • AI Analyst: These individuals are responsible for researching the materials related to AI. They make use of their knowledge and find out about the new possibilities for machines. They find out various ways, and then they use the “hit and trial” method to find out their usability.


  • Data Scientist: These individuals work with big data. They make use of machine learning and analytical skills for predictions for gaining knowledge beyond normal statistics. They are expert in various data scientist tools such as MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive and so on.


  • Hardware Professionals:These professionals are in charge of working with equipment such as Robots. Thus, robotic knowledge becomes a necessary skill for working with AI. Robots have embedded AI chips to perform functionalities and for operating freely.


Final Words


The demand for AI is increasing rapidly across industries each day. You can adopt AI earlier than other organizations to gain an advantage. AI technology is growing rapidly and thus, in future, industries will rely on its various features to make work simpler and more efficient. AI helps to minimize collateral damage related to organizations as processes will be automatic. Opportunities for AI professionals will grow in the upcoming years. So, it’s the right time to adopt AI in your business organization to grow bigger and better. 

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  • I'm not a technical professional. I'm a mortgage banker who has focused on fraud since 1972 and it has remained a top risk factor. I believe AI will be a significant advancement, but garbage-in, garbage-out is the achylys' heel of computing, and you noted that in your piece. Where would an AI mortgage fraud mitigation program obtain its input data? Is it through an "infinite" number of previous fraud case indicators or a set of mentors?
    Thank you for your time and attention to my inquiry.
This reply was deleted.

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