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3 Factors to Consider Before AI Adoption

Artificial Intelligence has become an important fragment of human lives. It helps to carry out tasks for our day to day life. Many business organizations have started to adopt AI principles. It has increased the process of machine intelligence, and thus various automation work is carried out in industries. The goal is to make such machines that adapt as per the situation and thus help to carry out tasks in the most efficient manner. Business organizations have started to integrate AI into their

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When things like ticket booking, watching TV shows, ordering food are being digital, education is still lagging in terms of digital education. The number of Internet users is growing increasingly with an increase in the number of smartphones. It provided a good chance to provide education online.


Online education is slowly and steadily becoming popular with the interest of working professionals to learn new things, technology. Digital education is an academic practice that ultimately helps studen

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Driving simulators are progressively being used to train drivers all over the world. Work has shown that driving simulators are known to be excellent realistic and effective devices for delivering healthy driving safety for all drivers. Models are available for cars, vans, buses, etc. Due to safety issues, reduced operating costs, less stress during lessons for drivers and instructors, and shorter learning times, truck simulators are increasingly being used by training schools and fleets.


With th

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                         A Message From Our Partner

Dear Global Risk Community member

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Dear Global Risk Community member,
We are delighted to introduce IFF Training and announce the next intake date for the much sought after Postgraduate Certificate Course, The Mechanics of Risk Management.

Delivered 100% online and developed in partnership with Middlesex University, over 16 weeks you will work through eight modules giving you a deep understanding of the three key areas that permeate through all types of risk: Identification, Measurement and M
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Dear Global Risk Community member

Are you looking for professional training courses? IFF have courses that cover the whole spectrum of Risk Management. Whether you are looking for a two, three, five day course, or a distance learning course (validated by Middlesex University, based in London), IFF has training solutions that will have a positive impact on your knowledge and therefore your career.

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A strong education prepares students to succeed in their chosen careers; but education, training, and employment pathways are changing. Individuals take multiple paths into the workforce. Some get jobs after completing high school; some after earning a college degree. Others leave the workforce to go back to school, while still others enroll in education or skills training while working.


One-fourth of adults in the United States have nondegree credential

s, such as an information technology certif

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Yuhyun Park

Chair, infollutionZERO Foundation

World  Economic Forum

The social and economic impact of technology is widespread and accelerating. The speed and volume of information have increased exponentially. Experts are predicting that 90% of the entire population will be connected to the internet within 10 years. With the internet of things, the digital and physical worlds will soon be merged. These changes herald exciting possibilities. But they also create uncertainty. And our kids are

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Noam Chomsky - On Being Truly Educated

The Purpose of Education

Noam Chomsky is an eminent American theoretical linguist, cognitive scientist and philosopher, who radically changed the arena of linguistics by assuming language as a uniquely human, biologically based cognitive capacity. He suggested that innate traits in the human brain give birth to both language and grammar. The most important figure in “cognitive revolution” and “analytic philosophy”, Chomsky’s wide-ranging influence also extend

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What’s Wrong with Britain? Poor Housing, Education and Health in Crisis


Lesley Docksey

Global Research, October 05, 2015

One glance on Sunday morning at The Guardian website demonstrated quite clearly what is wrong with Britain – and, probably, the rest of the ‘developed’ world. Three major concerns of the average household were news. And all three are connected, not just to each other, but to the way this country is being run.

Housing and the ‘Right to Buy’

This country has never recovered fr

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Enrique Suarez

The State of Education in the United States: Cornerstones for a More Effective Education


MIT Professor Jay Wright Forrester’s Work on System Dynamics

During the last twenty years, Jay Forrester's attention has been focused primarily in two areas: 1) the creation of a system dynamics model of the United States economy, and 2) the extension of system dynamics training to kindergarten through high school education. Forrester sees the former project as leading to a new approach to

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The Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 assesses the competitiveness landscape of 144 economies, providing insight into the drivers of their productivity and prosperity. The report remains the most comprehensive assessment of national competitiveness worldwide, providing a platform for dialogue between government, business and civil society about the actions required to improve economic prosperity. Competitiveness is defined as the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the

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Key Questions/Themes Dedicated to the Candidates to the Presidency of the United States of 2016: Peace, Self-Knowledge, Human Nature, Personal and World Philosophy, Governability, Competitiveness, Global Power Dynamics, International Trade/Global Business, International Relations, Education, Industrial and Economic Policy

Peace, Dignity and Prosperity: For a Better Future for the United States and for All the Nations of the World



Enrique R. Suarez

Master of Education & International Development


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Colleges and Universities are some of the most at risk institutions when it comes to high profiles failures in risk management. Reputational risk – and remaining off the homepage of CNN – requires an active approach to managing enterprise governance, and most universities are unsure where to start. An Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) report finds:

“After five years of change and upheaval, why is it that governing boards of colleges and universities continue to co

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Crisis Management and Leadership Education Tutorials



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Exclusive, professional video training series includes over four and a half hours of content. Resulting from years of experience, writing, leading and managing crisis management teams, I have put together this unique training package covering all the essential elements of effective crisis leadership and management.

The video training includes:

  • The fundamentals of crisis management
  • An introduction to the essential success factors f
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70 Travel Risk Management Safety and Security Tips [Video]


All travel should be considered hazardous, until proven otherwise. This 70 travel risk management video set provides professional tips and advice on how to manage the threats and hazards of travel.

Ranging from the administrative processes to extreme events such as natural disasters each video is a short 2-5 minute education tutorial that will assist in reducing the risk of travel, anywhere you travel.

You will receive a unique, informative

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