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A strong education prepares students to succeed in their chosen careers; but education, training, and employment pathways are changing. Individuals take multiple paths into the workforce. Some get jobs after completing high school; some after earning a college degree. Others leave the workforce to go back to school, while still others enroll in education or skills training while working.


One-fourth of adults in the United States have nondegree credential

s, such as an information technology certif

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The World's Most Boring Jobs


The World's Most Boring Jobs

By Niall McCarthy

Source: The Statistics Portal

Feb 21, 2017

Legal jobs might be well paid but according to new research, they are the most boring jobs on the planet. According to Emolument, 81 percent of people employed in legal jobs find their work boring. That's pretty different from the rosy picture painted by Ally McBeal, Law & Order and countless other TV shows dealing with courtroom drama. Interestingly, project management is ranked the second most boring job (78

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Dear GlobalRisk Community member, On recent discussions, many of you noted that the most frustrating parts of a career transition is your resume. No matter how big of a career move you're looking to make, your resume has to convince the hiring manager you're up for the challenge. For those of you looking to increase your resume response rate and get more interviews, we are happy to share several exclusive benefits from Ivy Exec, our Career Support Partner. RESUME SUPPORT FOR CAREER TRANSITIONE
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Dear  GlobalRisk Community member,

Many of you recently inquired about tips and suggestions for assisting you in preparing for job interviews. According to a recent report, hiring managers spend 80% of their time evaluating compatibility and only 20% on skill sets during the formal interview process. Understanding how to make an impact during the in-person interview is critical to improving your interview-to-offer ratio. We are happy to share a full webinar recording from Ivy Exec to help you

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Executive Openings! $80,000 to $500,000+

Dear community member!


Want to know how to be at the top of your game for job interviews? Join host Brad Agry as he discusses how to prepare for and be effective when you are face-to-face in a formal interview setting. Learn how to set yourself apart from the competition and turn job leads into offers. We're happy to share a webinar recording from Ivy Exec to help you get the job you deserve. If you'd like full access to Ivy Exec's webinars and professional development content, you can follo

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How does the Hiring Process Really Work?

Dear Community member,

Last month, there were 6.4 unemployed persons for every job opening in the USA, according to the Labor Department. For those who aren't hired, understanding what happens to their candidacy along the way can be a mystery. But knowing what goes on in the hiring process may give prospects the inside track for a job. We're happy to share a webinar recording from Ivy Exec that lifts the curtain on the hiring process.

If you'd like full access to Ivy Exec's webinars and profes

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2011 Job Search Strategies

Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

As we enter 2011, several requests were made from those of you seeking career changes, resume advice, and industry intelligence to assist you for the new year. We have contacted Ivy Exec, our career resource partner, who has kindly agreed to extend several exclusive offers to assist you in making 2011 a successful year.

If you are getting less than a 25% response rate to your resume, then your resume is blocking you from interviews for
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