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Challenges to the Not-for-Profit Organizations: Lessons from the Delta Model.

Singapore's Case-study


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Part 1: The Delta Model as Applied to Not-for-Profit Organizations


Part 2: Singapore Fundamentals and the Role of the Economic Development Board (EDB) in Making Singapore one of the most Advanced Economies in the world


Upon request, I will send you the complete training program (electronic and non

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The World's Most Boring Jobs


The World's Most Boring Jobs

By Niall McCarthy

Source: The Statistics Portal

Feb 21, 2017

Legal jobs might be well paid but according to new research, they are the most boring jobs on the planet. According to Emolument, 81 percent of people employed in legal jobs find their work boring. That's pretty different from the rosy picture painted by Ally McBeal, Law & Order and countless other TV shows dealing with courtroom drama. Interestingly, project management is ranked the second most boring job (78

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Earth Day 2016: Humans Are The Most Destructive Species On Earth



Pratap Antony

 Counter Currents

April 22, 2016

We humans have been in existence for less than 1% of life on Earth – In the short time of our existence, we have impacted everything; every part of our small blue planet. Our home!

We have been around for only 200,000 years – Archaeologists have calculated that humans originated about 200,000 years ago in the Middle Palaeolithic period in southern Africa, and migrated out of Africa

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The Most Misunderstood Job Titles in 2015



Your parents have no idea what you do. Some of the most popular new professions like UI Designer, Data Scientist and Social Media Manager are also the most misunderstood. Based on LinkedIn’s 2015 global study, Dylan Roach and Rachel Gillett of Business Insider compiled a list of the 15 most misunderstood job titles, and how to explain them to your parents.


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