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What’s Wrong with Britain? Poor Housing, Education and Health in Crisis


Lesley Docksey

Global Research, October 05, 2015

One glance on Sunday morning at The Guardian website demonstrated quite clearly what is wrong with Britain – and, probably, the rest of the ‘developed’ world. Three major concerns of the average household were news. And all three are connected, not just to each other, but to the way this country is being run.

Housing and the ‘Right to Buy’

This country has never recovered fr

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8028238879?profile=originalAs a Future Labour Government Becomes Reality, Tories Panic as Bankers See Gravy-Train Crashing


Anthony Bellchambers

Global Research, September 28, 2015

Goldenballs bankers and hedge-fund, casino-operation directors are even now making enquiries to emigrate to Dubai or New York, in the future, as it becomes clear that a radical reforming, British Labour government is more than likely in 2020.

Multinational companies currently protected by the Conservative government will be forced in future t

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Download this full Benchmark Report 2012 analysis and learn best practices on how your business can ensure money is not leaking away undetected. 

The report is based on analysis of 10.25 million individual expense claims from more than 200,000 UK based employees over the past three years. The analysis reveals areas where businesses continue losing money and how best practices can be implemented. According to the report for every £100 a UK business paid out in expenses last year, nearly £10 was s

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The UK is out on Basel III

The Chancellor George Osborne has warned the European Union that Britain will refuse to sign up to "idiotic" proposals under Basel III.

George Osborne has warned the European Union that Britain will refuse to sign up to "idiotic" proposals that would water down tough international rules on bank capital. 

This is a very concerning development and quite astounding actually. Let's ponder on the drop out of the UK from Basel III, just as a idea for a moment: [click here to continue reading]

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UK banks are hiding retail losses

Unbelievable but unfortunately it appears that UK banks are heading for another disaster and so soon after the recent credit crisis took grip of the country.

It was reported by the FSA that UK banks have been hiding distressed retail assets by forcing a restructure to the amount of 68% of their portfolio. This is serious, perhaps one of the most serious pieces of news I have read for the last six months and is right up there with the collapse of the US dollar. In this blog article we are going to

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