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Preparing for Government Reform

8028274455?profile=original“With the Administration’s emphasis on the Reforming Government Executive Order and the OMB Memorandum issued in early 2017, the upcoming 2018 conference will explore how agencies can move from “ proposed reform” to “implementing reform”. Hear from experts both in and outside government regarding approaches to ensure success and overcome challenges.” David Mader Former Controller The White House Office of Management & Budget

Preparing for Government Reform

The Executive Order has been issued to re

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My Priorities if I were the New President of the United States of America: Peace (Self-Knowledge), Dignity and Prosperity



Enrique R. Suarez

International Educator, Management Consultant, Political Scientist & Professor

Master of Education & International Development

Harvard University


“The unexamined life is not worth living”



“All of the great leaders have had one character

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Noam Chomsky (2014) "How to Ruin an Economy; Some Simple Ways"



Noam Chomsky

Published on Feb 12, 2014

Noam Chomsky spoke at Third Boston Symposium on Economics on February 10th 2014, sponsored by the Northeastern University Economics Society in Boston, MA.

Chomsky argued that certain factors, among them cutting federal funding for research and development and the growing gap between the richest 1 percent and everybody else, have led to the country's cu

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8028238879?profile=originalAs a Future Labour Government Becomes Reality, Tories Panic as Bankers See Gravy-Train Crashing


Anthony Bellchambers

Global Research, September 28, 2015

Goldenballs bankers and hedge-fund, casino-operation directors are even now making enquiries to emigrate to Dubai or New York, in the future, as it becomes clear that a radical reforming, British Labour government is more than likely in 2020.

Multinational companies currently protected by the Conservative government will be forced in future t

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Enrique Suarez Presenting:

The Myth that Japan is Broke: The World’s Largest “Debtor” is now the Largest Creditor

Source: Ellen Brown

Global Research

Japan’s massive government debt conceals massive benefits for the Japanese people, with lessons for the U.S. debt “crisis.”

In an April 2012 article in Forbes titled “If Japan Is Broke, How Is It Bailing Out Europe?”, Eamonn Fingleton pointed out the Japanese government was by far the largest single non-Eurozone contributor to the latest Euro rescue eff

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A comprehensive round-up of some of Mr Ingram's work (of IngramSure (UK) Ltd) on investigating the instability and risk that is built into the foundations  of the world's economies. Edward thinks that this is where Risk Managers need to assert themselves by getting involved in the design of the products that they are risk managing.

BORIS - Edward you have been telling me and much of the world on your blogs about your researches.


It seems that your approach to risk management is somewhat unique.

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The truth about government travel advisories, warnings and alerts

If you’re like most people and you believe that government travel advisories, warning and alerts represent the most accurate advice for business travellers then you are terribly mistaken.


Here are the key elements that all business travellers and travel managers need to know regarding the validity and application of government travel alerts and travel related advice. Knowing and understanding these few simple issues will save your

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