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Boris Agranovich has kindly asked me to offer my free course for you to browse, or to take, over the holiday period.


The course will change your entire understanding of modern economics and risk management.

  • It is a paradigm shift in both subjects.
  • Essential reading for anyone in the financial services industry.

It is no co-incidence that following an article which I had published at where I am a columnist, my prescription for the South African economy was circulated to the entire

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Ground Breaking Seminar in London


As we all know, the world would love to have safer financial products such as investments, pensions, annuities, places to put reserves for later calls on insurance claims, and ways to stabilise asset prices and the burden of borrowing costs as economic conditions change.

So what is preventing us from having all this?

After years of research and development by my group of senior financial services people drawn from universities and the financial services industry - and

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A comprehensive round-up of some of Mr Ingram's work (of IngramSure (UK) Ltd) on investigating the instability and risk that is built into the foundations  of the world's economies. Edward thinks that this is where Risk Managers need to assert themselves by getting involved in the design of the products that they are risk managing.

BORIS - Edward you have been telling me and much of the world on your blogs about your researches.


It seems that your approach to risk management is somewhat unique.

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The blog address is:


There, and on links there, you can learn what is going on in this cutting edge approach to risk elimination and the management of residual risk in Housing Finance, Sovereign Debt, Final Salary or Defined benefit schemes, reduction of Beta value without losing vital performance, and more.


Also some background on how I managed to out-predict and out-perform institutional investors for two decades in the UK, always out-performing their managed

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