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Boris Agranovich has kindly asked me to offer my free course for you to browse, or to take, over the holiday period.


The course will change your entire understanding of modern economics and risk management.

  • It is a paradigm shift in both subjects.
  • Essential reading for anyone in the financial services industry.

It is no co-incidence that following an article which I had published at where I am a columnist, my prescription for the South African economy was circulated to the entire

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Cryptocurrencies are an emerging method and protocol serving to facilitate the exchange of values between human beings.  These new virtualized valuation systems can link back to the material through fiat currencies.  Value is always relative.  A re-valuation of a cryptocurrency represents a devaluation of the material and an increase in value of the individual.  These cryptocurrencies provide us with great new pier-to-pier tools and protocols for transparency, privacy, security and real time ris

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ECB Preparing Deflation Measures

Dow Jones Market Wrap Reports:

The European Central Bank is preparing additional measures should the euro zone slide into deflation, its president said Thursday, making clear that the central bank is concerned that muted price pressures could undermine the currency bloc's fragile recovery.

Mario Draghi also added a powerful voice to increasing concerns among policy makers that the strength of the euro is affecting inflation. That could prompt the ECB to potentially implement measures designed t
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