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Preparing for Government Reform

8028274455?profile=original“With the Administration’s emphasis on the Reforming Government Executive Order and the OMB Memorandum issued in early 2017, the upcoming 2018 conference will explore how agencies can move from “ proposed reform” to “implementing reform”. Hear from experts both in and outside government regarding approaches to ensure success and overcome challenges.” David Mader Former Controller The White House Office of Management & Budget

Preparing for Government Reform

The Executive Order has been issued to re

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Domestic Focus May Limit Clout of $2 Trillion Saudi Fund



DUBAI | Andrew Torchia


 Saudi Arabia aims to create the world's biggest sovereign wealth fund, a $2 trillion behemoth that can throw its weight around global markets, but the fund's growth abroad is likely to be slowed by its responsibility for aiding the economy at home.

Building the Public Investment Fund (PIF) into "the largest fund in the world by far" is a cornerstone of radical economic reforms announced by Deputy Crown

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Enrique Suarez Presenting:

Growing Calls for Reforms in the United Nations Security Council



The core principle on which the United Nations was founded was to safeguard human rights, prevent war, improve living standards, promote social and economic process, provide a mechanism for international law and fight diseases.

Despite the initial premises, many countries have been critical of certain advantages the body provides to some powerful countries in getting the best position in the O

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Those of us interested in EU risk regulation may be interested in the Action Plan that the European Risk Forum (ERF) issued a couple of months ago. The ERF Action Plan builds on and integrates the Commission Smart Regulation agenda, covering issues such as the EU Law on Administrative Procedures; public consultation, impact assessment and regulatory benefits; the role of the Commission’s Chief Scientific Advisor; and the application of the precautionary principle. 

The ERF is a think-tank committ

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With House Committee passing a slew of rules on May 4, 2011 to postpone the implementation of derivatives section of the DFA by 18 months, Seila Bair’s decision to leave the FDIC on July 8, Geithner’s warning of a financial crisis if the legal debt limit is not raised, many are wondering if the U.S. economy is heading back into recession and will regulators be ready to prevent it.


These and other concerns were the main focus of the Regulatory Risk conference held in New York on May 9-10, 2011.  

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