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ScreenHunter_141-Jun.-09-12.02-500x244.jpg?width=300A common challenge for early-stage ERM programs is making the step from risk identification and prioritization to the formalization of a control (or mitigation) environment. Keep in mind, it is only possible to know if a Mitigation Activity is effective and efficient if the objective of this activity is known. The objective o f the activity must also be risk and performance focused. Organizations often lose track of why a particular mitigation activity was implemented to begin with, and fail to

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Crisis Management and Leadership Education Tutorials



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Exclusive, professional video training series includes over four and a half hours of content. Resulting from years of experience, writing, leading and managing crisis management teams, I have put together this unique training package covering all the essential elements of effective crisis leadership and management.

The video training includes:

  • The fundamentals of crisis management
  • An introduction to the essential success factors f
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While Voluntary/Worksite benefits have been around for years - I started getting my feet wet in 1986 -  the number of "Choices" in Carriers and Plans has grown dramatically!  There's more Demand, more Choices, and more Responsibilities!

Let's start with some simple Tips for Brokers - The Dos, Don'ts and Things to Remember!

  1. Do - Team-Up!  If you are not a Broker familiar with the complexities of the Voluntary/Worksite Market, consider teaming-up with a Specialist - preferably not a captive or semi-
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