8028238879?profile=originalAs a Future Labour Government Becomes Reality, Tories Panic as Bankers See Gravy-Train Crashing


Anthony Bellchambers

Global Research, September 28, 2015

Goldenballs bankers and hedge-fund, casino-operation directors are even now making enquiries to emigrate to Dubai or New York, in the future, as it becomes clear that a radical reforming, British Labour government is more than likely in 2020.

Multinational companies currently protected by the Conservative government will be forced in future to pay taxes in the country where they make their profits.

Those disadvantaged, disabled and unable to work will have benefits reinstated ­ provided, of course, that they survive this administration.

Insider trading and £1million annual bonuses will be made illegal. Tax avoidance by the city will be prosecuted and those found guilty, subject to mandatory imprisonment.

Railways and mass transport systems will be nationalised and fares made affordable to all as an essential public service. Shareholders will have to find unearned profits in America or elsewhere.

Bonuses for company directors who fail will be abolished by law.

A replacement for the Trident nuclear deterrent will only be considered if it is can be proven capable of defending the United Kingdom in the future from the massive undeclared Middle Eastern, nuclear arsenal held by Israel that is outside the inspection of the IAEA. Given that is all but impossible, there would be little point in expending £100 billion of taxpayers’ money on a deterrent that would, in fact, be no deterrent at all -  instead of building new hospitals and investing in cancer research so as to bring Britain up from the bottom of cancer-care tables in Europe.

Better, by far, to support a Nuclear Free Zone incorporating Israel and Iran, instead. That way, we in Britain could be reasonably assured of being safe from Middle East terrorism.

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