Cyber Security Tip - IoT implementation

I have created my first cyber security video tip. The tip involves identifying IoT devices and determining if they are a potential cyber exposure for your organization. If you are interested there is a video page here:

Hope you find it useful. 

Here is the text version:

Our first tip addresses the Internet of Things, or IoT. Iot cyber security is a complex topic because of its nature. IoT implementations are generally done without the oversite of cyber security experts and with little awareness of the potential cyber risks they bring as the implementors find the benefits are substantial and historically fall within their remit.

As an example consider the implementation of smart controllers on infrastructure pumps for water and sewage. These controllers can provide many benefits including easier monitoring, better predictive maintenance and improved performance.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately all too many times security concerns are not considered, providing easy access for cyber predators to either demand ransom or gain access to your organizations network and information.


So how can you address the problem? You haven’t been told of the implementations meaning you have no idea if you have a problem or if its large or small. Confronting the bureaucracy will likely not work as the implementors do not recognize what they have done creates any problem and is totally within their responsibilities. So what to do?


Here’s the tip. Get an app on your smart phone called Net Analyzer, there is a free Lite version that can work. Walk around your organization and you can scan for devices and networks. This will let you identify unknown devices and with a little work you can get the IP addresses and use those to enter the devices.

To enter the devide requires you to get the standard settings and passwords. These can generally be acquired from the manufacturer. Armed with this information you can educate the powers that be in your organization of the potential exposures they provide. Realize that if you do this you will likely create some ill will among the implementers of the IoT devices. But you will have plugged an easy access point to your organization.

Hope this simple tip helps you improve your cyber security.

If you would like to learn more consider taking our bundle course the definitive guide to cyber exposure managementat

the global risk Academy the bundle includes three courses: understanding cyber exposure and advanced cyberexposure management part 1 & advanced cyberexposure management part 2.

I believe these will help you stay safe and secure the URL for the courses below


This is Doug Nagan.

Be safe and be secure. 

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