How OEMs Benefit from An Automated Dealer Auditing System

Audits are the building blocks of improvement for businesses that continuously work in the direction of streamlining customer experience. Simply put, auditing routines provide a definitive overview of gaps in a service structure. Sometimes, OEMs spend entire days reviewing the performance of dealers while serving their end customers.

However, these traditional means of service auditing don’t quite amount to any benefit for manufacturers or dealers. First of all, the process of reviewing audit reports of a vast network of dealers is immensely time-consuming. Moreover, there is no tenacious way to get insights from these auditing practices.

Therefore, it is important for OEMs to sustain a robust system for dealership audits that not only automates the overall evaluation process but also provides insights. The need for a tailored audit system is crucial for original equipment manufacturers as it lets them review the performance of their dealers’ network and identify the areas that can boost the quality of after-sales services.

In this blog, we will discover why OEMs need an automated system for dealer visit report to make the most of their auditing process.

What is A Dealer Auditing System?

A dealer auditing system can be defined as software that facilitates a more insightful evaluation for OEMs. An advanced auditing system expedites every step of the process, enabling businesses to intricately assess dealers’ performance individually and discover more opportunities to retain customers. 

Some auditing software applications are customized for mobile-based access, allowing OEMs to assign auditors for the task effortlessly. Moreover, their auditors can use these applications to conduct onsite audits, collect real-time information, and collaborate with dealers conveniently.

How the Auditing Process Changes with Dealer Auditing Software

  • Efficiency & Reduced Costs of Auditing

It is seen that manual audits frequently end up causing delays and eventually building a substantial collaborative gap between manufacturers and dealerships. The automation of the auditing system enables OEMs to bring speed and efficiency to the process. 

Moreover, there are several costs such as audit data printing, storage, and other labor expenses that can be eliminated easily with auditing software for dealers’ performance evaluation. 

  • Faster Auditor Management

As we all know, OEMs are required to deal with a large network of dealers and therefore, it is difficult to manage the auditing process effectively. However, tailored dealer auditing software lets manufacturers carefully assign auditors with the help of a master sheet that sustains precision in the overall auditing cycle. 

  • Identification of Areas that Need Improvement

An audit is conducted to find out the setbacks resulting in the downward performance of dealerships and other issues affecting the revenue. While manual audits are not entirely complex and time-consuming, there is a better way to utilize the outcomes of auditing. Integration of an automated auditing system offers data-driven insights on what services need to be improved. 

  • Enhanced Service Portfolio (& More Sales)

The sustainability of a dealership business relies mainly on customer loyalty. This is why it is crucial for dealers to enhance their after-sales service portfolio and retain trust. OEMs can play a pivotal role in this overall equation by providing them with timely and data-focused audits that lets them make the required upgrade in their services. 

How to find the Best Software for Dealer Visit Report Automation?

Leading OEMs across the globe count significantly on smart software solutions to align their processes in a clear and manageable hierarchy of operations. In manufacturing, the auditing process is just as essential as any other aspect of sales. Therefore, it’s important to consider dealer auditing software that automates the complete process easily.

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But how will you choose a well-suited dealer auditing tool? Creating a thorough checklist of your requirements would certainly be the first step to finding the right software for dealer auditing as you will know exactly what your business needs.

Aside from this, you can also connect with software providers specializing in aftermarket solutions and schedule a free demo to understand the product and its useful features that can take your auditing process to the next level.

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