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8028223474?profile=originalKarim Taleb, Managing Partner of Robust Methods, kindly provided this whitepaper on the Federal Reserve and money creation, and its effects on the S&P 500.

Download the whitepaper here.

“The effects of the Federal Reserve’s on-going policy of artificial money creation are well documented by now… Given that price levels reflect a relative abundance or scarcity of a certain supply against a certain demand, an increase in the supply of money against a fixed amount of shares in the equity indexes natu

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Bow tie - Cause and Effect Analysis

There are several ways to look at operational risk but perhaps one of the most exciting and intuitive methods in use today is Cause-Effect Analysis.
In this short post, we look at how Cause-Effect Analysis works and we extend the bow tie concept further for measuring operational risk directly.
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One of the most important measures of a firm's performance is its return on assets. This is such a critical metric for businesses, that whole schools of thought have been created around the metric to allow a business to easily control and smooth its working capital costs.

There are actually three recognised models that are at the heart of a cash management exercise and they are loosely referenced as Miller-Orr, The Baumol Model and Stone. They are of course very similar in nature and nothing is u

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