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As US heads towards Presidential Elections, the energy policy makers in India are keeping a close watch on the results which would decide its impact on the India-US ties. While Joe Biden promises strong push towards renewable energy sources, Trump’s victory may strengthen India’s oil, infra and defense sector. As soon as incumbent Donald Trump pulled US out of the Paris climate change agreement, which aims at mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the global temperature rise, Biden

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Joining the Dots: Why the Establishment Hates Donald Trump



Prof. John McMurtry

Global Research, April 05, 2016

On the face of it, Trump is Reagan on steroids. His towering size, his nativist US supremacism, his down-home talk, and  his reality-show confidence make him ideal for the role of bullying and big lies from the oval office.

He is America come to meet itself in larger-than-life image to rejuvenate it as its pride slips away in third-world conditions and a multi-polar world.  

While Trump’

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The 2011 Thailand elections will be an eventful few months for the country and businesses and travellers will be affected by the newest political climate change. If you want to know how business and travellers will be affected, then read on. In this article you will learn how recent events and the elections have affected business leaders viewpoints, travel and tourism, government agencies along with the what the next few months has in stall for everyone with exposure to Thailand. By

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