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Have you ever stopped to analyse whether financial risk management is done correctly and efficiently in your company? Do all efforts to avoid bankruptcy in the business? You are likely to be divided when answering this question, as it is sometimes overlooked by managers. 


Why prepare to avoid bankruptcy? 

Dealing with market fluctuations and unpredictability is a task for both large and small companies and is a fundamental part of the growth process. 

As the market undergoes constant changes, it i

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Both risk management and Compliance help prevent threats to the company's legal structure and physical assets. Therefore, we have prepared this special content for you to check everything about the two methodologies and the advantages that the proper implementation confers on the business. Check out! 

What is risk management?  

First, it is important to conceptualize what risks are: internal and external effects that cause uncertainty and unpredictability in any business management process. When

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Risk management is a policy that is part of several corporate processes. It allows businesses to have a more solid routine, in which the company avoids losses and problems in delivering results. With the digital transformation taking technology to several processes, risk management has also started to influence IT governance processes. 

This is because as IT becomes a means to provide higher quality services, it is essential that the company can integrate technological solutions into its day to d

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In the business environment there is not much scope for errors or problems that hinder the company's development and productivity, so financial management software is indispensable. 

In addition to automating your business processes and increasing the security of information storage, there are many other benefits that financial risk management software can offer to your company.  

10 benefits of financial risk management software 

1) Reduce your operating costs 

The purchase of financial management

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Risk management actions are important for all businesses, regardless of their size or segment. 

To understand this, just remember that, whatever the process in your daily life, the risks represent uncertainties regarding the results achieved. It may be the risk that the raw material will run out, that a machine or equipment will stop working, that a tool will fail, that productivity will fall, in short. 

As much as you use accurate data when making your projections, it is impossible to determine w

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6 Steps in the Risk Management Process

The risk management process is inherent in any project. When we develop a plan, we think about what can go wrong and devise ways to minimize problems. Therefore, the process itself needs to be simple and effective to avoid complexity as a risk enhancement factor. 

Although, described in this way, the risk management process may seem difficult to elaborate, it can be easily understood. Therefore, we will explain it focusing on the impact of new technologies on its execution. Thus, we will be able

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Understanding Enterprise Risk Management

What is risk management?  

Risk management is the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling an organization's human and material resources, in order to minimize or take advantage of the risks and uncertainties about that organization. 

Uncertainties represent risks and opportunities, with the potential to destroy or add value. Enterprise risk management software for banks enables managers to effectively address uncertainties, as well as the risks and opportunities associated with

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Dealing With Business Risks

When talking about running a business, one of the most important points that must be addressed is in relation to business risks. When mistakes and accidents happen, the company can face heavy losses in different avenues such as productivity, finances and, in some cases, its image in the market. 

However, the good news is that most failures can be avoided through knowledge and planning. Thus, measuring, controlling and forecasting are important steps so that work processes are efficient, and the o

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We easily live in one of the most exciting eras ever. The rapid pace of technological development we have experienced has went beyond anything that used to be possible. If you go back a century, the pace completely changes. Think about it  there would be a new notable technology maybe once a decade. The reason progress was so slow is simple – everything had to be done manually. All the calculations had to be done by hand, all the products had to be made either by hand or measured by hand to ens

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Do you want to attain Information Security Management and looking for the best documentation kit that can help your organization to achieve ISMS certification without making any hard efforts for the same if your answer is yes then you must adopt ISO 27001 manual right now which is a part of standards of Information Security Management Systems or ISMS. The standard was first came into existence in the year 2005 and from that time, this ISO 27001 manual is being preferred more by business entrepre

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How to Implement ISO 9001 Quality System

Running a business in the global marketplace has never been as demanding as it is today. The internet exposure has even given entry level businesses a chance to have global visibility in a very short time. This means increased competition along with endless opportunities and markets. Nevertheless, competition and standing out from the crowd requires a business to create its own value and stay away from clutter. This is done by creating recognition through associations and accreditation's like th

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