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Perception of risk in investment decisions is an emerging topic in behavioral finance discussions. Inspired by recent Chinese financial market turbulence, I will briefly present here main points of the risk perception issue, mainly picked up from much more descriptive Victor Ricciardi's article (Ricciardi, 2010) [1], which I found suitable for a blog form.


1. Perception of Risk

Perception is how we become conscious about the world and ourselves in the world. Perception is also fundamental to unde

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Do you want to attain Information Security Management and looking for the best documentation kit that can help your organization to achieve ISMS certification without making any hard efforts for the same if your answer is yes then you must adopt ISO 27001 manual right now which is a part of standards of Information Security Management Systems or ISMS. The standard was first came into existence in the year 2005 and from that time, this ISO 27001 manual is being preferred more by business entrepre

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ERM Outlook - Where is ERM Going?

The economic crisis of the last few years has forced a renewed focus on the process of risk identification, management and mitigation. Executives are taking a much closer look at their strategic risk management challenges in order to formulate more rigorous and effective Enterprise Risk Management programs.

Howard Rosen FSA, MAAA, CERA is the Senior Director and Insurance Enterprise Risk Management Practice Leader at Standard & Poor’s. He will be a key speaker at the marcus evans Enterprise Risk
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