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Interview with William Meehan, Executive Director, Capital Markets Trading Compliance at CIBC

The Volcker rule was published in December 2013 by US regulators and requires banks with over $10B trading assets and liabilities to prove that they are not participating in proprietary trading through the reporting requirements. It is a new regulation which has limited guidance from the regulators, causing confusion among banks. At the current time, the main focus for banks is to better understand the V

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Over Regulation is going to be our downfall

There are a huge array of regulatory mandates planned for the financial sector in the next three to five years and the potential unwanted outcomes are probably going to be diverse and multitudinous.

Ten combined regulatory afflictions would more than likely include this lot:

[1] Closing the proprietary trading desk – Volcker

[2] A CVA charge for the trading book – Basel III

[3] The countercyclical buffer – Basel III

[4] Restrictions on the types of capital that can be held – Basel III

[5] Axing of Tie

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