My company offers a system developed by Johns Hopkins Hospital doctors, which saves 54% on workers compensation costs just like Johns Hopkins Hospital did. You would realize comparable savings on other types of personal injury cases. I have attached an article from the Self Insurer, written by Dick Goff, the past president of the Self Insurance Institute of America which provides this information.

My colleagues and I at Johns Hopkins Hospital published research showing that 40% -80% of chronic pain patients are misdiagnosed. (1,2,3). Therefore our group developed two Internet questionnaires:
1) The Pain Validity Test can predict if someone will have abnormalities on medical testing, with 95% accuracy, and predicts if they well not have abnormalities with 85%-100% accuracy. (4, 5). This test has always been admitted as evidence in 8 states (6). It can detect fraud for $300, instead of $2,500 for detectives, $1,500 for FCE and $1,700 for IMEs.

2a) The Diagnostic Paradigm renders medical diagnoses which have a 96% correlation with Johns Hopkins Hospital doctors. Correcting bad diagnoses can help to accurately set reserves. As an example, RSD carries a reserve of $!,000,000. But we published articles which show 71%-80% of patients told they have RSD really have nerve entrapment, which has a $50,000 reserve. Proper diagnosis can free up $950,000 in reserves, per case. Similar savings can be realized for “lumbar strain,” “fibromyalgia” and other commonly misdiagnosed cases.

2b) The Treatment Algorithm, based on the results of the Diagnostic Paradigm, this algorithm provides a list of the correct medical test to order, to confirm each diagnoses, which are far more accurate than X-rays, MRIs, and CT. and allow doctors to obtain the same impressive results which Johns Hopkins Hospital did. . As an example, the MRI does not identify disc damage, which is detected by the provocative discogram 78% of the time, and the CT misses pathology detected by the 3D-CT 56% of the time. However, most physician do not use provocative discograms or 3D-CT, which further contributes to the misdiagnosis rate (2).

Using clinical skills and special diagnostics produced a 54% savings in workers’ comp cost for Johns Hopkins Hospital, while improving patient care. (7). Using the two tests, one clinic was able to reduce medication use 90%, doctor visits 45%, and instead of a 1% return to work rate for claimant out of work for more than 2 years, the return to work rate was 19% for workers comp and 62% for auto accident cases (8).
We have documented cost savings between $20,000 to $175,000 a case, (9) by converting “sprain or strain or whiplash cases” which has lasted 3 months or more, with countless sessions of physical therapy and chiropractic care, into a properly diagnosed damaged disc missed by MRI, and CT, which can be readily treated, and resolved.

With proper diagnosis, and treatment, the fraudulent cases are weeded out, and the cases which need proper treatment get it, and then return to work. The insurance company still saves money, with improved patient outcomes.

These questionnaires, available in English or Spanish, can be found at With 15 minutes training, any secretary can administer the tests, and results are available in 5 minutes.
If you would like me to arrange for you to use the tests for a free trial period, for a pilot study, please email me.

Nelson Hendler, MD, MS
former Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
past president-American Academy of Pain Management


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