Simple Tips For Keeping Your Business Clean

When you run a business, cleanliness and hygiene are highly important. Wherever people are working, there is likely to be mess which accumulates over time, and this is only natural. However, keeping on top of the cleaning and sanitation of your business is vital, especially in the current times. If your office or workplace has a large number of employees, or your workplace is based in a warehouse or factory, then your cleaning strategies are likely to be focused on specific areas, such as food preparation areas, places with high traffic or entrance and exit points. 

As so many of us are now more focused on keeping places clean, sanitised and hygienic in the interest of the safety and wellbeing of your employees, customers and your business, here are some simple tips for keeping your business clean. 

Delegate Cleaning Responsibilities

If your office or workplace is regularly cleaned, but you still find you need to keep on top of odd jobs, then it may be beneficial to delegate cleaning duties around the workplace. They don’t need to be big jobs, but ones which need doing on a regular basis. Things such as disinfection high touchpoints, such as light switches, door handles and buttons, washing pots in a shared kitchen area or even just hoovering the entrance to your business are quick jobs which will make a huge difference when done regularly. You should also encourage employees to clean up after themselves throughout the workplace, too. 

Clean Customer-Facing Services

It is important that during the Coronavirus outbreak, you are protecting your customers and employees. If you have a store, then regularly cleaning customer-facing areas and services is hugely important. Things such as card machines, door handles, popular items and pay points should be disinfected regularly or after each use. Remember to pay attention to social distancing guidelines and one way systems, too. 

Place hand sanitiser points on entry and exit of your store and around the shop floor to encourage customers to regularly sanitise their hands during their visit. You should also be encouraging your employees to regularly wash their hands and sanitise after each transaction and ensure that they are wearing a mask or face covering. 

Have A Thorough End of Day Cleaning Routine

As well as cleaning throughout the day, it is important that you have a thorough cleaning routine in place for the end of the day, too. Wipe down and sanitise all surfaces, ensure bins are empty, toilets are clean and shared areas are tidy. Sweep and mop floors, especially if there are customers or employees coming in and out of your workplace throughout the day and if your workplace is a factory or warehouse, then ensure that all machinery and equipment is cleaned, too. 

If you find that a daily cleaning routine is too much work to do at once, then pay close attention to surfaces and shared areas throughout the day and alternate your cleaning days. There are specialist cleaning companies and services that can help with your cleaning schedule and which may make it easier for you to manage. 

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