Why Companies Need to Build Cyber Security Strategy

Security is the concern that comes across the management of every company and every year companies pay huge amount on their cyber security. As year time is passing by, technologies are getting bigger and better and so the threat to them. Since it’s the world of online technology and where everything is computerized or automated, there cyber security threats are also getting bigger and serious every day. So, the people are specializing is protecting their systems and organizations cyber risk or threats. Cyber security is the process that ensures integrity and confidentiality of information available. It represents the ability from protect systems against risk, failures or attacks from adversaries. The world of sensitive information that we live in, where there is ease of storing information there’s also a threat of easy access and breach of that information. In that case, management should make sure that that all the systems and information are well secured by a strong cyber security management system and employee are properly trained.

Providing better Security training

Any threat or risk always starts with the human. Its either deliberately or in-deliberately. Similarly, human is the weakest element in any cyber security program. To make technology better safer, there’s a high demand in cyber security trainers who give training regarding code security, trains operations staff to prioritize a strong security system etc. as cyber security starts with awareness.

Every company faces cyber security threats regardless of how strong or costly systems they have implemented. An attacker will exploit every possible opportunity to attack into the system. So, an organization is mandatory to have basic elements of cyber security for example, maintaining strong authentication practices and storing sensitive data on easily accessible place is a big NO!

The most important risks that can happen to any sort of a company are data and compliance breach and keep their information safe, companies pay good amount of money on training for their employees to make their selves educated that how they can fight with such threats to a company and make it safer place for any sort of an information.

Selecting best security system

There are variety of cyber security threats that are available to any business and for each of the threat, all kind of cyber security systems are available in market that can be easily implemented in a company.

Since cyber security itself a broad industry, so you first need to understand the needs of your organization and then educate yourself which would be the cyber security system that fits your company and for understanding these technicalities research is the key element. After apprehending your organization, knowing the best vendors for cyber security software and system is important. The more you research about the vendor the more you are able to get the best GRC solutions to implement for your organization.

After the vendor is researched or shortlisted, here comes the element which is needed to be considered and that is of ROI. You may get the best vendor and system for your company but you also need to make sure that the system on which you have investment so much is giving you the right return. Your data is saved, your information is saved, your risks are minimized and then then return on its high.

Considering types of cyber security threats

Since cyber security itself a vast industry, so the kinds of security threats are also large, and it varies from company to company and business to business. But there are common types of cyber security threats that are likely to attack every kind of business and those are; attacks on confidentiality, attacks on integrity and attacks on data available.

Attacks on confidentiality begins when there’s direct attack or stealing of personal information or data and this is the first step cyber security breach. It could be like stealing of personal information, bank details, security data etc.

Attacks on integrity occurs when attack seeks to corrupt or damage system or information on which people rely a lot. It could be mainly attack on AI (artificial intelligence). It’s a world of AI system and everything is stored on automatically and especially on cloud. Where it is the safest system it also has some flaws of it like it is hard to hack but when it is hacked it’s like the information is stole for ever and it can make a lot of destructions.

Attacks on availability means keeping a target to accessing their data and it is mostly seen in the form of ransomware and denial of service attacks. Ransomware gets into a target’s data and security information and asked it to decode it. Whereas denial of service attacks generally in a form of distributed denial of service attacks and it altogether makes the system paralyzed and unable to perform while hacking all of the information.

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