Peter Chisambara commented on Peter Chisambara's blog post The Basics of Cyber Risk Management
"Hi Adebiyi,
Thanks for your humble comments. In organizations that have the CISO, I agree the individual can play that role of creating awareness to the board. However, not all organisations have a designated CISO. In these organisations, the CFO is…"
Jul 5, 2017
Peter Chisambara posted a blog post
New technologies, increasing digitization and globalization are transforming customer behaviors, operations and business models, presenting huge opportunities for business success, at the same time driving up cyber incidents .As organizations embark…
Jul 4, 2017
Peter Chisambara commented on Naveed Rajput's blog post Great minds think alike? How CIOs and CFOs can learn to pull in the same direction
"To add and maintain value, CIOs need to move away from their technical comfort zone and start speaking the language of CFOs and business strategy. At the same time, CFOs need to move from their number crunching comfort zone and start getting…"
Mar 14, 2014
Peter Chisambara posted a blog post
In his book, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, Nassim Nicholas Taleb defines “Black Swans” as random and rare events that underlie our lives and business, are nearly impossible to predict and have a huge impact when they…
Mar 14, 2014
Peter Chisambara posted a blog post
In their book, Surviving And Thriving In Uncertainty: Creating The Risk Intelligent Enterprise, Funston and Wagner shed to light how a conventional approach to risk management has failed many businesses. In the book, the authors exhibit a situation…
Feb 2, 2013
Peter Chisambara replied to Annus uddin Khan's discussion What are "Safety statistics & Safety plannig control"
"Looking at it say from the context of road safety, safety statistics refer to information/data/facts say on the number of illnesses, injuries or deaths resulting from vehicle accidents at a particular time. For example, X deaths and Y injuries…"
Jan 9, 2011
Peter Chisambara replied to Lakshman's discussion Innovative ways to foster Ethical culture in organisation
"In addition to the Code of Ethics, have a Fraud Policy which details how a detected or suspected fraud case will be dealt with. Every employee should be aware of the existence and contents of this policy."
Oct 24, 2010
Peter Chisambara replied to Boris Agranovich's discussion Get to know our members better and introduce yourself. With more than 60 replies this is our most popular discussion so far.
"Hi everyone

I am glad to be part of this group composed of individuals with diverse experiences within and outside the domains of risk management. I am a financial management professional and have experience in the fields of accounting and finance,…"
Sep 2, 2010
Peter Chisambara posted a blog post
The nature and type of risks facing the organisation:One of the main challenges facing managers in today's constantly changing business environment is dealing with uncertainty and creating a risk-focused culture within their organisations. New…
Sep 2, 2010
Peter Chisambara commented on Sourabh Arya's blog post Governance, Risk Management & Compliance 3 different entities which work as Silos: Misconception

Your article really reminds nails the point that organisations that really aspire in today's economic environment need to migrate from the old-school approach of viewing risk management as a silo function. Instead, they should adopt the new…"
Aug 30, 2010

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