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This is a transcript of our interview with Liam Healy, SVP & Managing Director at Diligent.

You can watch the original video interview here

8028332866?profile=originalBoris: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our interview with Liam Healy. Liam is a senior vice president and management director at Diligent. Diligent is a market leading board portal allowing a parallel board management with simplicity in functionality to mitigate risk and enable effective governance. Recently Diligent launched Diligent Compliance to

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Dear Global Risk Community Member,


The genius of Microsoft Excel for entity management is that it’s easy to use and there are free templates that exist online to get you started.

And yet, research shows that 23% of spreadsheets contain errors, companies spend an average of 18 hours trying to correct these errors and 72% of users regularly email spreadsheets with highly sensitive information, without considering the risk of breaching data regulations.

Download “Microsoft Excel & Entity Man

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A Message From Our Partner:

Getting actionable insights and effectively responding to change are staples for any corporation, especially when looking to optimize potential outcomes. In order to do this, the heads of businesses must be able to visualize entity relationships and recognize patterns. By using entity relationship diagramming, you can deliver stories that are easily processed by the brain, rather than extensive data sheets that don’t provide any context. 

When data is organized as a v

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