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While data breaches have dominated the news cycle, The Wall Street Journal’s “Risk and Compliance Journal,” reports that fraud is actually much more common, even if it generates fewer headlines.

6-28-2012.png?width=300In the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2015, instances of retail fraud averaged a 94% increase from the prior year when calculated by average loss of revenues. Industry reaction to this news has been relatively predictable: as many companies have decided to devote a higher percentage of their budget to pre

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How ERM Integration Creates Efficiencies

8028228089?profile=originalLack of transparency makes risk, performance and compliance information hard to discover, collect and maintain. Within every organization, governance areas are conducting activities, each based on different assumptions with different standards, all of which contain a risk component.

While these are typically not thought of as risk activities, when the responsibilities of each governance area are compared to a risk based process – identifying & assessing, mitigating, and monitoring – you find that

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Have you really got your companies operational risk framework in check? 

If you ask a risk analyst about their impression of their companies operational risk systems which, we have to admit is a relatively unframed question, it does seem to generate the typical responses that range between: We're totally sorted, It's kind of there and We are not really sure.

Very few people ask "is the operational risk process/system in check?"  

Then of course how do we know whether a company is good at measuring
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