what are the factors that destroy and build a person.


He replied:

Politics without principles, 

Pleasure without obligation, 

Wealth without work, 

Wisdom without character, 

Business without morality, 

Science without humanity
Prayer without charity,
Destroy the person.


Life has taught me that
people are friendly, if I am kind; 

people are sad, if I’m sad; 

they are all bad, if I hate them; 

there are smiling faces, if I were to smile; 

sour faces out there, if I’m bitter. 

The world is happy, if I’m happy; 

people are angry, if I’m grumpy; 

people are grateful, if I am grateful!


Life is like a mirror:
If I smile, the mirror smiles back at me!
Whoever wants to be loved, has to love!!!

Question to the Reader: How close or far are you from achieving this state or mind?