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Global Research, May 04, 2015

We Can’t Rein In the Banks If We Can’t Pull Our Money Out of Them

Martin Armstrong summarizes the headway being made to ban cash,  and argues that the goal of those pushing a cashless society is to prevent bank runs … and increase their control. What do you think?

The central banks are … planning drastic restrictions on cash itself. They see moving to electronic money will first eliminate the underground economy, but secondly

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Currently, the most a British senior can claim in state pension is £113.10 per week, which equates to roughly £452.40 per month. If you're accustomed to living off the income of a full time job, dropping to a state pension can be a real shock to the system. Unfortunately, that's the price we pay for more freedom and a few extra lay ins here and there. Of course, if we've built up a private pension over the years, this can supplement the state pension nicely, but it can still be quite nerve wrack

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Key speakers include:

INSURANCE - Teemu Pennanen, King’s College London, ex-Managing Director at QSA Quantitative Solvency Analysts Ltd. He has extensive experience of consulting and providing solution to the insurance industry.

PENSION - Michael Dempster (Cambridge Systems Associate), consultant to a number of global financial institutions and governments.


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