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When you are buying a house there are taxes that you need to pay when you get the possession of the house. But there are ways where you can save on these taxes. One of the ways you can save these taxes is when you invest in an under construction house. Under the section 80C of the Indian income tax code, we do not have to pay taxes for a property when it is under construction.

Here are a few conditions where the tax deductions are not applicable:

  1. If you have any property that is under construction

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The Panama Papers, Bail-Ins, and the Push to Go Cashless

The Panama Papers, Bail-Ins, and the Push to Go Cashless

The War on Savings: The Panama Papers, Bail-Ins, and the Push to Go Cashless


Posted on April 10, 2016 by Ellen Brown

The Web of Debt Blog

Exposing tax dodgers is a worthy endeavor, but the “limited hangout” of the Panama Papers may have less noble ends, dovetailing with the War on Cash and the imminent threat of massive bail-ins of depositor funds.

The bombshell publication of the “Panama Papers,” leaked from a Panama law firm specializing in

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Negative Interest Rates: The Real Reason


Negative Interest Rates Aimed at Driving Small Banks Out of Business and Eliminating Cash: Economics Professor



Washington's Blog

February 9, 2016

More than one-fifth of the world’s total GDP is in countries which have imposed negative interest rates, including Japan, the EU, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden.

Negative interest rates are spreading worldwide.

And yet negative interest rates – supposed to help economies recover – haven’t prevented Japan and Europe’s economies from absolutely tanki

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Negative Interest Rates Show “Desperation” of Central Banks



Washington's Blog

January 29,  2016

Japan has joined the EU, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden in imposing negative interest rates. Indeed, more than a fifth of the world’s GDP is now covered by a central bank with negative interest rates.

The Wall Street Journal notes:

TOKYO—Japan’s central bank stunned the markets Friday by setting the country’s first negative interest rates, in a desperate attempt to keep the economy from sliding ba

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Hang Onto Your Wallets: Negative Interest Rates, the War on Cash, and the $10 Trillion Bail-in


Ellen Brown

The Web of Debt Blog

20 November 2015

In uncertain times, “cash is king,” but central bankers are systematically moving to eliminate that option. Is it really about stimulating the economy? Or is there some deeper, darker threat afoot?

Remember those old ads showing a senior couple lounging on a warm beach, captioned “Let your money work for you”? Or the scene in Mary Poppins where young

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Years ago negative interest rates were unheard of. Modeling assumptions (often purposely) excluded them due to their extremely low probability, it simply seemed counter intuitive that they could even be present in a market, and certainly if they did they seemed as if they’d be a rare blip and not a prolonged market environment.

Fast forward to today, and negative rates are rampant across the Euro Zone and continue to be a critically important issue in global finance. While the Bank of England has

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8028231501?profile=originalEnrique Suarez Introducing:

Washington's Blog
Global Research, May 04, 2015

We Can’t Rein In the Banks If We Can’t Pull Our Money Out of Them

Martin Armstrong summarizes the headway being made to ban cash,  and argues that the goal of those pushing a cashless society is to prevent bank runs … and increase their control. What do you think?

The central banks are … planning drastic restrictions on cash itself. They see moving to electronic money will first eliminate the underground economy, but secondly

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Forbes Reports:
"...The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) expects the taper of the Quantitative Easing to continue. Economists expect the Federal Reserve to cut another $10 billion from its monthly asset-purchase program at its two-day monetary-policy meeting, lowering its monthly bond buys to $55 billion.
The FMOC meets Tuesday and Wednesday, and it will be the first one overseen by new Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Bond traders will focus on the commentary that accompanies the decision, wh
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