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Why SharePoint Fails to Support ERM

iStock_000033404482Small.jpg?width=509While SharePoint is a good tool for file storage, it falls significantly short of delivering the capabilities a risk manager needs to analyze trends and see the relationships the job requires.

Cost & Innovation

SharePoint on the surface may look like an inexpensive solution versus commercial ERM software, however the hidden cost of IT development is rarely understood until too late. To make a SharePoint project useful, a minimum of $150,000 in labor alone invested over 2 years is required for sma

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Supply Chain Risk Management

A survey conducted by APQC found that in the past two years, 75% of companies were hit by at least one major unexpected disruption to their supply chain, defined as an incident with the capability of preventing a business from fulfilling promises to its customers. And what's more worrisome? Many of the organizations surveyed are proposed advocates of Supply Chain Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).supply_chain_disruption_chart.gif
How are organization with structured ERM programs falling victim to such widespre
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How to Buy ERM Software

The goal of every ERM program is to assess material risk down to where the risk activity takes place, which typically means extending to front line management, and aggregate this information to an objective, accurate, and holistic picture applicable for each stakeholder, including the board. However without ERM software, risk management programs cannot reach this level.

With the high cost of traditional licensing for ERM/GRC software, combined with the skepticism among senior management on what

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