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Who Are the Champions in Horizon 2020?

Author: Nikolaos Floratos

This publication is a synopsis on which countries and organizations are the most successful ones in Horizon 2020 programme. We have analyzed 4190 H2020 projects and 7804 organizations that have been awarded an Horizon 2020 grant based on the data provided by the European Commission under Cordis on 24 June 2015.

Presentations and articles from EC officials and experts have been highlighting the low success rates in Horizon 2020 program

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Born to Star

Latest Secrets for Startup Success

When Vision Master and Execution Master Meet

Published by Intelliversity,
a 501(c)3 not-for-profit LLC


Essential elements are drawn together by mutual attraction. When they hit critical mass, boom! A star is born. A star expands as more essential elements are drawn in, glowing brightly and nurturing life.

Your innovative business can grow in the same explosive way. This eBook holds the secret for igniting that kind

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Almost every business leader will say that people are their most important asset, but few do anything about it. If you are going to take this principle seriously then human capital planning is crucial.

The Human Capital Plan is an important tool that organizations use to drive focused actions that can ensure goal achievement and business success. It allows organizations to assess, plan for, and respond proactively to its human capital challenges and needs. It helps shape the organization by buil

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