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Here’s why Antibacterial Glass is making a wave in the Industry. All that we must know about Antibacterial Glass. Due to increasing among people about maintaining hygiene to prevent infectious diseases. Antibacterial Glass finds its application in various sectors such as healthcare, military, food and beverage, and others for providing an architectural solution to maintain hygiene. Due to an increase in disposable income, antibacterial glass is used household to decrease the growth of bacteria a

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Specialty Chemical Industry in India is one of the few industries that has managed to gain in these tough scenarios of outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Specialty chemical companies have announced a gain of around 3.5 percent backed by soaring demand and slacked cost of raw materials. Propelling demand for hygiene products has kept stocks of major companies like Galaxy Surfactants and Fine Organics in uptrend. Whereas other specialty chemical companies such as SRF, Aarti Industries and PI Industry

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Dwindling demand and decline in crude futures made India’s petrochemical feedstock hover several years low post the pandemic invaded the country. India is largely self-sufficient in naphtha, which is a key feedstock for petrochemical products and bulk polymers. The sliding demand made the country’s feedstock players reduce their run rates by almost 40% with some of the players also announcing plant shutdowns. India imports huge volumes of other feedstock (like LNG, LPG, methanol etc.) and hence

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The impact that Coronavirus has had varies from country to country. Wherever you are in the world, you’re likely to be given different guidelines and advice on how to stop the spread. What is more clear is that fixing the virus isn't as simple as snapping your fingers. Many experts are saying that it could a year or so before a vaccine is found. 

In the meantime, governments across the world are taking required steps to minimise the spread of the virus and ensure populations remain safe. This mea

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India Plant Shutdown and Resumptions


  • Indian Oil to Resume Work at Paradip-Hyderabad Pipeline Project

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Ltd. has resumed work on its prestigious INR 3800 crore, cross-country Paradip-Hyderabad petroproduct pipeline project in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. The operations restarted recently after the Central government permitted certain relaxations during the nation-wide lockdown. After the approval from the concerned authorities, the work resumed with limited manpower and necessary precautions. The project is a

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The US oil market plummeted to 18-year lows and below $18 a barrel on Friday following a hike as the demand for oil witnessed a downfall with storage facilities touching their limits. The WTI crude fell to $28 a barrel with anticipations that the stocks may keep filling till May.

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Major oil producers decided to shut their wells as overwhelming storage facilities pose a major threat. As per the experts in the field, the US shale indu

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Chemical manufacturing companies are continuously coming up with concerned initiatives to assist against Coronavirus which is submitting to extreme highs with hopes of abatement. With rising number of cases, the demand for essential chemical feedstock required in the healthcare industry is showing an incredible surge, compelling the indulged companies to scale up the supply. Stressing this issue, WHO has also asked chemical companies to ramp up the production of personal protective equipment mat

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S-curves are beautiful things. They are wonderful for helping to decide where we are and where we want to be. From what I have heard and observed this week, it is time to slide back down the curve a bit. Let me explain.

The figure below is the one I show to boards and executives when I describe for them the value of a strong approach to risk management. You move from feeling or being vulnerable and exposed, to adaptive, to resilient. And if you are very, very good, you become agile – making rapid

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The 4Cs of Decision Categorisation

8028313069?profile=originalCategorising beyond Type 1 and Type 2 decisions that I wrote about in my last couple of blogs can help decision makers. And right now, decision makers across the world can do with all the help they can get given the recently declared pandemic.

The four Cs are Core, Complicated, Complex and Chaotic. The person behind this type of thinking is David Snowden and his Cynefin Framework shown below. The only difference is the category I call Core, he calls Obvious. As in decisions for which the answer s

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