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short course on cybersecurity risk

What's your biggest cybersecurity risk?  Chances are it's that you're using the wrong methods to assess that risk!

Douglas W. Hubbard, author of big sellers How to Measure Anything and The Failure of Risk Management, now has done a new book, How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk.  He and I are teaming up to offer a one-day short course on the subject at the Holiday Inn in Rosslyn (Arlington), Virginia, Thursday, October 6.  The course includes training in calibration of your risk assessme

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The Risky Future of Oil


Brent and WTI crude prices fell more than 6.4% to US$29.64 and US$29.57 a barrel respectively yesterday (25Jan2016) following a ~10% rise last Friday. Today’s price came up a little opening at US$29.79 but as usual, promising nothing out of the ordinary (Figure 1).


                                               Figure 1: WTI Oil Price, 26-Jan-2016

No one expert knows exactly how much oil out there exceeds the global volumetric demand but all seem to agree that the entire world is drowning in it. T

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Economic Vision


Enrique Suarez Presenting:

Jeremy Corbyn’s Economic Vision


Stephen Lendman

Global Research, September 27, 2015

America, Israel and Britain are the developed world’s most unequal countries. Wealth disparity in all three are extreme and widening – government-sponsored hellishness for their ordinary citizens, finding it increasingly harder to get by on stagnating low incomes, reduced benefits and rising cost of food, shelter, healthcare and other essentials.

Western governments overall are dismis

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