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If we assume risk management is actually formalised within an institution, then a firm might do well to perhaps consider embedding decision making and appetite into their risk enterprise framework.

A look into why it is so hard to comprehend risk appetite and five tips which improve the quantification of risk appetite on objectives.

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ISO 31000 for banks

A presentation on ISO 31000 for banks.

A presentation that looks at ISO 31000 in the banking domain. Why ISO 31000 is compatible with Basel, why ISO 31000 can value-add a Basel risk framework.

The presentation attached to this [ link ] will be delivered at the ISO 31000 conference in Paris on 21st and 22nd of May 2012.

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This is a copy of the latest CompliSpace blog orginally published at http://  Would love to get your feedback.

In our last blog post we boldly asserted “If You’re Not Practicing Enterprise Risk Management You Should Be”.

So it was with great interest that we came across an article in Risk Management Magazine titled “Is ERM Failing?” which basically summarised the finding of a 2012 PwC repo

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ISO 31000 and Objectives

ISO 31000 is becoming a popular risk framework, a credible alternative for COSO and many organisations across the planet are now selecting this approach for formalizing their internal risk programs directly. Actually, ISO 31000 is probably taking the lions share of market interest for risk management at present and that isn't such a bad thing.

One aspect that sets ISO aside from many other risk frameworks in use, is its clear delineation yet connection between an objective and the objectives unce

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COSO & ISO 31000 Exposure Valuation

Is ISO 31000 going to make the risk quantification mistakes that COSO did?

I have been following various debates on quantifying operational risk exposure on linked-in and elsewhere on the internet in the backdrop of risk standards such as COSO and ISO 31000.

What is a little disappointing is that it appears we might be falling into the same trap with ISO 31000 as the world has already done with COSO. 

Let's take a look at the single problem around: What is the value of risk from an event?

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The International Organisation for Standardization has recently published a new ISO standard that targets rating agencies specifically. It announced this release on the 30th of March 2011 and is classifying the Credit Rating Agency Standard as a unique set of requirements labelled ISO 10674. In this article we are briefly going to look at what this standard aims to achieve, why it has come into existence and how it will be game changing for the credit rating agencies.

More can be found by followi

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