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12199892472?profile=RESIZE_710xThere are numerous ventures that have not yet attained the level of being completely established businesses in the current business environment.  This situation is attributable to a number of factors, including the failure of ideas to acquire traction, insufficient funding, and insufficient customer analysis.

Startups make speculative suppositions about their Business Model in their early phases.

These assumptions relate to the ascertainment of their target customers, sought-after product features

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10477591866?profile=RESIZE_400xFor big multinational organizations, building fruitful collaborations with potential startups is a considerably more difficult task than it initially appears.  Global enterprises sometimes struggle to find potentially favorable startup partners.

Given the vast hierarchies of multinational firms,it is extremely difficult for startups to identify and engage the key decision makers.  These challenges are exacerbated in Emerging Markets.

Emerging Markets are defined as fast expanding markets that exhi

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Cash is King: 8 tips to Optimize Fundraising Strategy

By David Skok, Founder of for Entrepreneurs


This post aims to help startup CEOs optimize their funding strategy by examining how investors value startups, and explaining how to avoid the common cash management pitfalls.

(Note: The concepts in this post will likely be obvious to experienced CEOs and entrepreneurs. Despite that, our experience indicates that entrepreneurs frequently make costly, avoidable mistakes with their financing

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