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10778558470?profile=RESIZE_400xPartnerships between companies and universities are vital Innovation economy drivers.

Numerous businesses are shifting their attention in university and Innovation ecosystem interactions from incremental problem-solving to long-term improvement and careful engagement with emerging entrepreneurs.

This aids in preparing businesses and universities for more effective relationships and productive participation in the Innovation Ecosystem.

Considering the answers to 6 key questions aids the organization

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10748704275?profile=RESIZE_710xUniversity partnerships are crucial for helping firms find new ways to interact with the greater innovation ecosystem, which is the engine of the innovation economy, as well as sources of talent and ideas.

These ecosystems involve more than just universities and businesses; they also feature a large innovation community that includes venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and government agencies, with universities serving as a key participant.

Although industry and universities have different goals,

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10477591866?profile=RESIZE_400xFor big multinational organizations, building fruitful collaborations with potential startups is a considerably more difficult task than it initially appears.  Global enterprises sometimes struggle to find potentially favorable startup partners.

Given the vast hierarchies of multinational firms,it is extremely difficult for startups to identify and engage the key decision makers.  These challenges are exacerbated in Emerging Markets.

Emerging Markets are defined as fast expanding markets that exhi

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8028259056?profile=originalNetworking can be intimidating even to the most seasoned business people. It’s especially daunting when you don’t know anyone at the beginning of your career, or you’re starting out in a new industry (or country!) completely from scratch. But in today’s competitive business environment, the best opportunities often come to us from the people who already know and trust us. Without a solid professional network in place, you could miss out on these opportunities.

But how do you start building that p

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Written by:

Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO, EY



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As you read this article, you’re one of over 3 billion people connected to the internet right now. That’s nearly half of the people on Earth. Some of these people are shopping, catching up with friends, or, like you, reading the World Economic Forum’s Agenda. Others are managing global supply chains, responding to customer service requests, or building an app that’s going to change the world. As a CEO, I know that

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