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Poor Risk Management and Stinky Diapers

chemical plant explosion in Japan on Sunday shows the consequences of poor risk management in a really personal way. The Nippon Shokubai Co. produces a chemical that is a critical link in the supply chain for one-fifth of all the world's diapers. A diaper shortage is expected.

One, where was the risk management program to prevent the explosion? As is always with these things, in the next 6 weeks, evidence of an employee warning their management about conditions that could result in an explosion

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The nuclear crisis still unfolding at Fukushima Daiichi continues to threaten a meltdown as core temperatures and radiation leaks continue to fluctuate.  The disaster is one of the worst nuclear disasters in history.  However the vulnerabilities at the power station are not isolated to Japan or utility companies; they are common risk management shortcomings in operational practices seen in every country and every industry.  Here are a few lessons for managers from this crisis.

1. Link controls to

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If you want to know why the Japan tsunami turned into a far greater disaster than the initial earthquake and learn the 7 main reasons for this calamity, then read on. In this article we will touch on the government, closed cultures, leadership vacuum, system failures and Japanese crisis management, timing and information practices.Japan-tsunami.Crisis-Management.Tony-Ridley-300x300.jpg?width=300

By the end of this article you will have the information to act in a much more decisive manner during the next similar crisis or immediately review your cr

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