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8028279865?profile=originalThere’s an undeniable shift occurring in the business world right now. In fact, it’s been forming since 2007. I’ve coined the phrase the See-Through Economy to encapsulate the shift towards transparency and accountability brought on by new technology and social media.

Since the invention of the smartphone in 2007, consumers have started to exercise their sharing power. Pocket-sized computers alongside world-wide social websites have empowered the everyday customer to influence the integrity of a

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4 Predictions for Risk Management in 2018

2017 presented a whirlwind of corporate scandals: United Airlines, Wells Fargo, Facebook, Uber, Chipotle, Equifax, WannaCry…the list goes on and on. Many of these companies suffered second and even third scandals when they failed to learn their lesson from the first.

But for every company that’s suffered a failure in risk management, I believe there’s a company that’s looking over these headlines and doing everything they can to prevent a scandal of their own, for there are many lessons to be lea

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Salesforce: Is The Market Turning Negative On Salesforce? Are there any leading indicators, risk alerts and developing trends?

Are sales increasing at a faster rate than value creation? Is the value generated by the sales of the SIMMETHOD Best In Class increasing at the same time that the value generated by Salesforce’s sales is decreasing?

“Salesforce – Overvalued and not significantly diversified” Erik Huckle, Seeking Alpha

“Salesforce: One of the better software companies on the planet but perha

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How to improve your 2018 predictions and outcomes? What happens when you are invested into your customers risk and performance?

According to Wikipedia, “A prediction or forecast is a statement about an uncertain event. It is often but not always, based upon experience or knowledge”.

Based on the SIMMETHOD Best In Class, in business strategy execution, the best way to predict the future is to create it via the 7 Laws of Growth, Value Creation and Best In Class Performance and the C-level Risk Alert

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