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SME Credit Repair

As the US economy slowly emerges from the great recession many small businesses are looking upon battered and bruised balance sheets and income statements.  Before the downturn they looked young healthy and vibrant but the distress of the credit crunch, high unemployment and record business closures has taken its toll.  Receivables growing longer in the tooth each month.  Write offs of bad debt up.  Client defections, pinched profit margins and market erosion due to decreased buying power, busin
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Small Business Credit Index Improves

The Experian Moody's Analytics Small Business Credit Index has posted its forth consecutive quarterly improvement.
"The Experian/Moody’s Analytics Small Business Credit Index rose 1.2 points to 117 due to the growth of small-business credit balances. According to the Q4 2013 report, the increase marked the fourth consecutive quarter of improvement in small-business credit conditions and provided the highest index reading since data tracking began in 2011.
"Credit is flowing more freely to small bu
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Are we seeing ghosts everywhere or is something ugly going on indeed? Take a look to some of the current debates, concerns and questions about Greece, US and China, and imagine how it all could play out.

Greece: Austerity measures and new bailout package

Last week, Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou won approval to his 78 billion-euro package of budget cuts and asset sales, key to receive the fifth instalment of 110 billion-euro bailout in 2010. This despite of the boiling public anger and
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Satelites Mexicanos bankruptcy protection

According to the news released by Reuters (link) on Wednesday, April 6, 2011; Satelites Mexicanos S.A. de C.V. (Satmex) filed for bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court. Reuters stated that in court papers, Satmex said it will raise about $325 million in new financing by issuing high yield debt. It will also raise $96.2 million of new equity through a rights issue.
Thanks to the MORE rating evaluation done by modeFinance (link), the company’s deterioration in the credit ratings (in 2009 the MO
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Sport Media Group files for bankruptcy

According to the news in link on 2 April 2011, the publisher of “the Sunday Sport” and “The Daily Sport” has filed for bankruptcy since it has failed to meet its debts.Thanks to predictive feature of MORE ratings (link), it was already clear, by the year 2009, that the company was facing serious difficulties (see last year’s rating class: C). The fast deteriorating solvency and profitability indicators with a detailed comparison between the Sport Media and its competitors in the same sector were
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modeFinance expands its alliances!

Today, 31 March 2011, a new partnership agreement was signed between two parts: modeFinance (www.modefinance.com) and MF Honyvem (www.mfhonyvem.it/).The agreement between the two companies has a main object of the distributing the real time modeFinance report of international companies through the major distribution network of MF Honyvem. Through this agreement, you can access, country-wide and even in real time, to the business and financial information (with rating scores and commercial credit
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Today the 22nd, March 2011, Il Sole 24 Ore published a remarkable article (link) regarding modeFinance (link) and how the products of modeFinance could be useful for worldwide credit risk analysis.
As it is possible to read in the article, the modeFinance financial analysts have studied the evolution of the financial performances for more than 3 million companies all around the world during the triennial 2007-2009, with the purpose of understanding the effects of the financial crisis in the compa
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