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3 Critical Steps to Forecasting

10927993866?profile=RESIZE_710xUnforeseen crises, such as economic depressions, natural disasters, and black swan events (such as the present COVID-19 pandemic), have immense repercussions. Crises are capable of immobilizing institutions and economies. These circumstances are not common for the great majority of businesses. There are safety dangers everywhere. People's movement is restricted, business activities are slowed, and cash flow decreases.

In this age of unpredictability, customers' requirements fluctuate rapidly, pr

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10516786682?profile=RESIZE_710xFinancial insecurity, the unpredictability of regional and global situations, environmental threats, and advancements in technology have caught organizations off guard.  Consequently, many leaders have ended up turning to Scenario Planning to generate potential possible scenarios, in contrast to planning and devising strategy for a single possible circumstance.

Scenarios include plausible, yet unforeseeable situations and challenges.  They encompass various permutations of facts and anticipated s

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8028270070?profile=originalHere we are. February 2018. For many, February is a trying month. How well are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? Have the early-morning January gym visits started to fade? Are salads getting old? Personal goals aside, here’s one thing we hope won’t decline: the excitement over your freshly finished 2018 budget.

The new year tends to bring about an intense wave of optimism for what we can accomplish in the next 12 months. Too often, however, this optimism gets stomped on by the surprises of

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With another calendar year coming to a close, some supply chain professionals get a chance to take stock, while many others brace themselves for a sudden crescendo of activity that will mercifully relent once January rolls around.  That’s a reality of the supply chain management community: It’s broad and deep and diverse.


There are many job titles that handle many responsibilities in the complex business of moving things on time and on budget in the quantity and of the quality expected; for all

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