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Ensuring that organizations are protected from breaches in control that may result from an empowered and innovative workforce has always been a top priority for executives.

In these dynamic times, effective employee management necessitates the application of resourcefulness and adaptability.  Organizations that function within highly competitive industries and cater to a diverse clientele heavily depend on the resourcefulness and originality of their personnel to seize competitive advantage and e

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People are motivated by purpose, which helps them realize what matters most in their lives.  It is a profound and unique understanding of their goals and how their actions contribute to the achievement of a larger goal.  It serves as a source of motivation and fortitude.

Purpose involves integrating one's personal objectives with a broader context, such as developing society, having a positive effect, or creating lasting connections.  A person's sense of purpose is a highly unique, subjective con

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8028340270?profile=originalStrategy and execution are the 2 critical elements that drive a business.  However, leaders often struggle even with defining—let alone devising and executing—an effective strategy.  Many of those who are responsible to deal with it fall short of describing how they typically employ it.  This failure takes its roots from the fact that there is no clear path associated with strategy.

Strategy is about making sound decisions about unforeseen problems.  It’s about selecting the right options—about m

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Organizations are continually searching for innovative ways of enhancing competitiveness. This is brought about by evolving external pic1-Burke-Litwin-Change-Model-300x200.jpeg?profile=RESIZE_710xfactors such as changing demographics, globalization, and technology. Because of changing dynamics, it has required managers to rapidly rethink and retool their organizational management strategies.

Coming up with the appropriate strategies calls for an increasing need for organizational diagnosis in developing and maintaining a competitive advantage. Researchers be

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Jack Ma Warns Against the One Mistake that Can Destroy Start-ups

24 Nov 2017

By Briony Harris

Formative Content

World Economic Forum

Jack Ma is a global icon in business, ranked second on Fortune’s list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders and one of the richest men in China, with a personal fortune of nearly $30 billion, according to Forbes.

He is the founder and leader of Alibaba, the Chinese online selling platform that had revenue of more than $8 billion for the third quarter of this year. The compa

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How Will You Measure Your Life?


Enrique Suarez Presenting:

How Will You Measure Your Life?



Clayton M. Christensen

Before I published The Innovator’s Dilemma, I got a call from Andrew Grove, then the chairman of Intel. He had read one of my early papers about disruptive technology, and he asked if I could talk to his direct reports and explain my research and what it implied for Intel. Excited, I flew to Silicon Valley and showed up at the appointed time, only to have Grove say, “Look, stuff has happened. We have only 10 minut

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